Game The Last Warlord
Publisher ChengDu LongYou Tech
Genre Strategy
Size 1.4GB
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Update September 29, 2019 (1 year ago)

Strategy games are always an attractive option for many people. Game publishers always know how to exploit potential aspects of this series to create successful achievements. And The Last Warlord is not an exception. Developed by Chengdu Longyou Studio, the game promises to bring a stressful and engaging historical battle. With the setting in the Three Kingdoms period, the game will bring players back to the past where the intense matches took place to find the winner. The game also applies an attractive combat system in which weather, terrain and many other factors will affect the outcome of each battle. The Last Warlord has conquered countless players’ hearts due to its fascinating story.

Classic graphics and carefully designs give players a clear view of history

The game is based on the famous Chinese historical novel by Luo Guanzhong (circa 1330 – 1400). Therefore, historical factors will be concerned a lot by the game publishers. In The Last Warlord, the ancient world is clearly and aesthetically recreated. The pictures of the mandarins are based on the paintings in the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” storybook that was carefully designed by the artists. Therefore, users will feel satisfied with the game’s layout and the excellent character system. The generosity and majesty of the mandarins are also reproduced honestly and clearly. An atmosphere full of tension between different militias will give players the truest feelings. All interfaces of the game are designed in a typical Chinese style. In addition, the game is very detailed in describing the differences between different places and also is the abilities and features of the mandarins.

Governance regime is relaxed for players to start the battle

Participating in The Last Warlord is a reenactment of the epic battles in Chinese history. You need to think hard about the situations. Controlling the whole victorious soldiers requires you make the right commanding decisions. Be a talented, generous and brave mandarin who always ready to fight the hardships. Players only need to announce commands, and the system will be automatically run the work. This contributes to players to manage various issues easily. Moreover, you can spend more time enjoying the other attractive aspects of the game. Overall, players only need to pay attention to the capital by ordering the districts to conduct armies and fight. Make governance regime automatic to rule the cities and order them when needed!
The rich features are ready to conquer players

With more than 1,300 available mandarins (including those recorded in history books and novels), the game will lean on history as closely as possible. Mandarins are distinguished by more than 100 unique features with nearly 100 valuable items. Players will have to travel through 60 cities with different political backgrounds. With “The Last Warlord”, a content-based technology research system will be used to support the entire game. The six primary basic weapons and more than ten special weapons form a different weapons system for players to choose. Marriage and the child education system are also up to you. Various natural phenomena and catastrophes simulate in the game show a clear and honest view of the tragic period of the Three Kingdoms.

You need to plan carefully to adapt to the challenges of nature

In addition to fighting the enemy, you need to adapt to the challenges on the battlefield from nature. The weather, terrain and even the height of the battlefield will affect any battle in the game. Therefore, you need to think carefully and quickly make decisions in upgrading and overcoming to preserve your army. In fact, field battles and siege battles are presented differently. There are many different siege facilities for players to storm the enemy’s castle and also to protect their own one. Different weapons with different formation have a different strengthening effect. The Last Warlord is no longer just a virtual game anymore when you will have to confront the hardships like in reality. The Last Warlord will be a fascinating game that any gamer who loves this series should have and experience. Are you ready to start the game and immerse yourself in the most intense battle in history?