Game The Pirate: Plague of the Dead

Game The Pirate: Plague of the Dead
Publisher Home Net Games
Genre Action
Size 50M
Latest Version 2.7
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update July 20, 2020 (8 months ago)

Pirates is a topic very much popular and try to learn about pirates throughout history. Many researchers have investigated this issue and the stories surrounding it to clarify the truth. Not only is it a topic for researchers to explore, but it’s also an inspiration for many novels, movies, and many other things. Throughout the centuries, many stories have been circulated about pirates’ history so that humans can read and learn. But the truth about these myths is still unknown and remains a great mystery for all of humanity. So do you want to discover the secrets of pirates? If, in reality, there are many conditions to do this. But in the world of the game, everything is a lot simpler, and the game for people to explore the golden age of pirates is The Pirate: Plague of the Dead. This game is a game for players to not only explore but also become a pirate to experience. The game gives players the most accurate view of the golden age of the pirates.

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The real characters in history

This game is a combination of historical truths but combined with many legendary elements for players to experience. When coming to the game, the player will be able to play a real character in history, John Rackham, to experience the game. He was an English pirate captain operating in the Bahamas and Cuba in the early 18th century to carry out his work. Players need to try to find the power of magic and revive the Flying Gang. The purpose of this was to fight against Jolly Roger’s army. Not only that, but in this journey, the player also faces another character, which is the terror of Inquisitor. Most events are real but are combined with legendary elements to bring exciting experiences. Players can explore an incredible journey of a pirate’s life.

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Unlock new ships

Once a pirate, the most important thing is the boat to be able to set sail and start the journey of the game. In the game, there are many different ships that players can collect and use in their battles. At first, people could only unlock one of the necessary warships, just enough to be able to sail. But when the player can complete the translation, you can unlock many new ships of many real captains in the world. These ships are the ones from the Golden Age of Piracy with countless famous names that players can unlock.

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Discover the world

For a pirate, the most important thing is the freedom to do what you like. There are so many pirates starting not to rob and get rich, but they set sail to do unexplained things freely. The element of freedom has once again been emphasized in this game for players to experience. When coming to the game, players can freely explore new things of the Caribbean land full of mysteries. Players can go to a lot but the unknown territory to explore, learn about the myths of the sea to unravel it. But in that journey, players will have to face many challenges to achieve their goals. Players will have to face many enemies from other pirate gangs or the royal navy of Britain or Spain, even with monsters. So that journey will have to go through many fierce battles to be able to go where you need to go.

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Earn money to upgrade ships

The default ship, when the player has just unlocked, is not strong enough for players to fight. So you will need to upgrade it a lot to become stronger. A good ship will be of great help to players; you can fight or go through dangerous waters. But how to earn money to upgrade your ship? There are many ways players can do that; players can loot or destroy the ships of other pirates and take the spoils. If the player does not want to fight, you can make business trips between the forces to earn more money. There are many different things that players can upgrade. Players can improve the speed, or recruit new members for their army to become stronger.


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