Game The Room 4: Old Sins

Game The Room 4: Old Sins
Publisher Fireproof Games
Genre Logic
Size 790MB
Latest Version 1.0.2
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Update August 20, 2020 (7 months ago)

Looking at The Room: Old Sins is sure that you will enjoy the worst horror ever. It is not like a movie that is often shown on Cinema but has its own unique in story design. The secrets will slowly be revealed, making you feel that you are falling into a mysterious world. Are you ready for this adventure?

Unique story, which pulls you from secret to secret

The story begins when a famous engineer suddenly disappears with his wife. This is not an ordinary case because both of them have a huge influence on society in the game. One was an engineer with important research, the other was a big figure in the Upper World. People began investigating this disappearance and sparked a search for a precious artifact. Everything is starting to lead people to unexpected places. And in the end, all the clues led to their home. An old, peculiar dollhouse is kept right upstairs for your adventure. Players will have to adventure through many mysterious places without a clue about it at all. They will have to follow unambiguously revealed details to uncover the mysteries of Waldegrave Manor.

Strange design, bringing you into the space of a dollhouse

When you reach the house of that engineer, the last thing you see is a dollhouse. The player will be teleported into that house. You will have to find a way to escape as well as find out the secrets that take place in the house. The designs in this house are extremely strange. You will see them depicted in the background 3D graphics with a lot of details in dark colors. In this Western-style house, there are Asian-related artifacts such as a dragon-head skeleton. Maps as well as quizzes will lead you to amazing places. It is as if you are experiencing an illusion. The night time feels scary and mixed with excitement.

The puzzles are scattered throughout the house

As described above, this house is maintained by strange magic. Every place you go to has unique puzzles. If you don’t solve these puzzles, you definitely won’t be able to take any more steps inside the house. Each puzzle has a different presentation and solution that you cannot predict what will happen to you in the next steps. Each challenge that finds a solution also leaves a bit of a clue to what’s to come next. Once you’ve succeeded in being there, remember the results, sometimes it helps you keep moving forward.

Everything will work in a way you’ve never seen it before. For example, when starting the game you will have to find a way to open flashlight to light the dollhouse. It couldn’t be helped this morning because the circuit was cut off before. Players will have to find ways to connect all the components in the circuit. Or when you look inside the suitcase containing information, you will see a metal egg. You can open it by sliding it against a small metal stick on the egg’s body. It will be a tool to help you see objects in the dark. In general, the challenges in the game will work according to a very unique mechanism that you cannot predict.

Unique controls make you feel like you are in the game

You will be moved into the game by swiping the screen. That’s why players can go anywhere at their discretion. In addition, everything in the game can interact with the player through touch. That means you can touch everything and lift it up as if it were in the real world. If you have subtle observations and remember the clues that you have touched, then surely the puzzles will not be difficult for you. Sometimes there will be useless objects placed there just to distract the player. But sometimes there are also items that help activate these hidden mechanisms. It can lead you to other rooms, other challenges with designs that are not the same as before.

The game supports work on many different devices

Thanks to this support, you can store your gameplay in the cloud and then play on other devices. This is just a kind of support so you can play games anywhere you want. Sometimes when you have a hard time and can’t answer it, you can ask someone else to complete it. Players only need to share their progress.


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