Game The Score

Game The Score
Publisher Lit Games Development
Genre Simulation
Size 87M
Latest Version 1.2.2
MOD Info Free Premium Choices
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Update March 12, 2021 (1 day ago)

The Score: Interactive Men Stories & Games is bringing an exciting experience for the boys, bringing both extremely entertaining moments and solving the long-term loneliness that many people are suffering from. This is a game that simulates real-life dating that is raging on today’s gaming forum. Although the simulation game does not have guns or ammunition or the strong thrills of the survival games, the game’s attraction is the feeling of love. You are a guy who is tired of chasing arrogant and sassy girls, takes too much time and money, but still can’t win her heart, then welcome to the world of this game.


It is a game that attracts men with all your mind. The game’s attraction comes from the cast of the characters that are young girls like the actor and model in every guy’s imagination, allowing players to choose to be their “dream girlfriend freely.” Here the world will be yours; you have the right to go with any girl from sexy beauty to innocent. Depending on your lover’s taste, you can choose a couple.



Through The Score, you will have feelings that you never had before finding a girlfriend you want; it’s worth showing off with your friends. Here all the girls of all tastes, from “angels” to “demons,” are in this game. In this game, you can take your girl on a date to the most luxurious places to experience upscale hotel restaurants’ best service or on the biggest yachts in the world. And you also experience the feeling of survival in a deserted island, jungle if you love thrills. And in this game, you will be the boss. The jeweled man decides the fate of others and chooses for himself the way of life he wants without worrying. Choose the people you like to flirt with because many girls want to reach you, but not everyone can come to you if you don’t allow it. Choose a temporary lover or a forever lover; it’s up to you. This game is yours.



Characters in this game will change your identity if you want. You want to be a superhero that saves the world, a famous singer and actor with millions of fans and followers, a tycoon holding shares of more than half the company in the world, a genius doctor, scene special forces, or a notorious sibling in the underworld. All the status anyone you can still choose to incarnate into. Depending on what you want to become, there will be exciting stories attached, and you need to select and play the role.


The journey to find half of your life is not easy; in life, you have to go through so many relationships, meet so many people to find your true love. In The Score: interactive men stories & games too, you will meet different girls, to find the true love you will go through a date. You start with a sexy and hot girl, then she leaves you with lots of memories, but it’s all just memories, and you go on dating other girls on the way to find the girl of your life.


There will be fascinating and fascinating stories with unique and unique content with the score, such as you and your lover drifting back to prehistoric times. You will play the role of a prehistoric person learning to survive. Foraging and hunting to make a living and protect his girl, prehistoric life would not be boring and tedious with a lover. Or maybe you will be a college student, a handsome male god admired by every girl in the school. Who will you choose, who will conquer your heart here?



In the end, the score is a game without weapons, guns, and no strategy to challenge the player, but the score has an indescribable attraction for everyone. If you still have doubts about The Score’s appeal: interactive men stories & games, you can try to mingle with the thousands of players who have been playing the score every day. With simple, gentle gameplay with logic and content, you will never get bored. Or if you are lonely, want to find the girl of your dreams, try downloading your computer’s score to experience it together!


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