Game The Seven Deadly Sins: Heroes Assembled

Game The Seven Deadly Sins: Heroes Assembled
Genre RPG
Update August 8, 2018 (3 years ago)

The Seven Deadly Sins: Heroes Assembled will be a RPG game based on the famous manga of Japan

Japanese culture is well known in the world thanks in part to the manga/anime culture. The Japanese have ingeniously exploited many aspects of their lives to make their stories more interesting than ever. On the other hand, these films are widely accepted because viewers are mostly young and young. The basic culture such as kimono, tea ceremony, festival, … are all integrated, and the viewer was inadvertently causing the culture of Japan is widely spread.

Recently, there was an anime series being loved by fans named The Seven Deadly Sins. It is an excellent product for Kodansha – the largest publisher in Japan. And the original manga was written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki (鈴木 央). Therefore, it has a lot of fans around the world with the massive amount of sales during the broadcast. At the same time, many game makers are also targeting this new story. Maybe when it’s transformed into a game, it will become famous and have a bright future.

And before the Chinese had acquired the copyright of the anime, DeNA was promptly got the license from Kodansha. Then, they immediately created a new content game to take advantage of the crowd effect. The Seven Deadly Sins: Heroes Assembled is officially scheduled for production and will be a new step for DeNA to attack the Chinese market.


The main characters of this anime are inspired by one of Kito’s most popular content. They have the power and habits that fit into what has been written in the Bible. However, it was created to be more intimate and exciting. There are so many strange and funny things that you can not imagine.

The knights in this anime are living in Britannia. Each of them carried special abilities and was accidentally swept into the most fierce battle of the day. Princess Elizabeth is the official owner of the country but was robbed of the throne by the evil people named Holy Knights. They spread throughout this country and made people miserable. The princess, thanks to the help of the knight group, regain her mastery and hope for a brighter future on this land.


Actually, the publisher does not have official information about the gameplay of this game, but it looks like it will be designed smartly to combine anime characteristics with traditional Chinese culture. Its target is users from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. However, the countdown time to launch game is not far away. Only in early August will there be official information on a Beta game released on the Android operating system for you to test. Hopefully, this game will be an RPG that will reveal all the fighting elements in the anime. However, it is impossible to determine exactly what type of chase it will pursue.

Sum up

Regarding graphics, it is likely to take full advantage of the benefits received when buying the image rights of the anime. So its characters will be sketched the same as what is in the cartoon. So you will be playing a fascinating series of games and writing your own story in a new way.

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