Game The Sims Mobile

Game The Sims Mobile
Genre Simulation
Size 113M
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MOD Info Unlimited Cash/Simoleons
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Files March 9, 2021 (4 days ago)

If someone asks you what is the best simulator mobile game, say “The Sims”

The Sim is undoubtedly the most famous brand of simulation games. As long as people have a little passion for this genre, they will definitely try this game once. Up until now, when people use smartphones more than PCs, A version of The Sims Mobile is something everyone needs. This is an official EA product so you can rest assured that you will enjoy 100% of the best. Coming to the game, players will build a city according to their ideas. The people here are also creatures that you create based on what you love. Feel free to show off your creativity, and have fun hours of entertainment.

Build a society where you are the owner

One difference in this game compared to products of the same genre is that you will manage all aspects of society. First, the player will try to build the city so that it becomes a busy, rich place. You have all the ingredients needed to do this. However, to get enough capital to develop a city you have to manage the people and get them to create resources. Because of this, it brings up another aspect to worry about. The citizens living in your city will need a lot of care. They need you to come up with the right policies and take care of your private life as well. These people are called Sims, the units are essential to creating all of your value.

Make lots of Sims for your city

For other points, you can only create a few characters. They will be the points that you need to pay attention to in order to develop. However, “The Sims ™ Mobile” allows players to create as many characters as possible. You will have to do your best to design everything to make these characters special. Each of them should do a different job. Because of the diversity of careers, these people can create a diverse and vibrant economic ecosystem. The more diverse the ecosystem, the more prosperous your city will develop. Players can freely customize their characters by adding their own properties. First, when you create a character, they only have the body, not the identity. You need to add appearances for them like hairstyles, outfits, makeup, and accessories, … They all have free templates that can come together to create unique combinations. However, there will be features that are not available that you need to purchase. Later, when the living conditions are better, you can freely buy them in the store. Moreover, players can satisfy their fashion preferences by opening Fashion Shops. At that time, join with famous designer Izzy Fabulous to get the most beautiful fashion collection.

Sims have always wanted to own cozy home

One of the purposes you play The Sims Mobile is to give Sims a perfect home. Characters that build have different purposes to make money. After a long day at work, they need a house to rest. This is another side of the game that you need to take care of. When the Sims are happy in this house, they will make more money. Players can use the money they own to buy more materials to decorate their houses. Your house will have many different rooms that serve many different purposes. Therefore, you will be provided with a lot of interior equipment. You have to make the living room very formal to welcome the guests you love. The kitchen must make it so convenient, or the bedroom must be fully equipped with amenities to make it comfortable. In addition, the characters you control can interact with different places. Take them to unique places to play, such as fashion studios, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Meet other Sims for a healthy community

Of course, with current online trends, The Sims™ Mobile also allows you to interact with friends who are connected over the internet. Let’s do the quests together to receive high-value gifts. Participating in healthy communities will also help you learn how to decorate their home. Even players can find romantic relationships.

The Sims Mobile vs The Sims FreePlay: What’s The Difference?

If you look at it, you can see that these two games are incredibly similar. However, you need to know that The Sims Mobile is the complete version developed by Maxis and EA. It can be said The Sims Mobile is a combined version of The Sims 4 on PC and Freeplay on mobile devices. Some things are also renewed and added, like creating and customizing a Sim in more detail, building houses and playing online with friends. This is a good quality simulation game, easy to play, is worth a try. The Sims Mobile will be the virtual world for you to customize your real world. Take advantage and experience.


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