Game The Swords of Ditto
Publisher DevolverDigital
Genre Adventure
Size 62M
Latest Version 1.1.1
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Update April 30, 2020 (11 months ago)

If you are an experienced gamer, it would be no stranger to the game Tales of Zestiria. This is an extremely famous Japanese ARPG game, the game has received a lot of positive comments from gamers. This game has brought players an extremely interesting adventure to go to mysterious lands that have not been discovered by anyone. The game was first released in 2015 and made a big splash worldwide at the time. Because of this, many games that were inspired by the Tales of Zestiria were released.

A typical example is The Swords of Ditto developed by One Bit Beyond. This is a game maker at a very young age, and this game is their first game. Do not disappoint One Bit Beyond, this game has achieved great success in the world and on many different platforms. Previously the game was very successful when it was first launched on PC platforms and console platforms, the game also received many compliments from players. The game will bring exciting adventures on the way to save the world from destruction.


The player will play the role of an anonymous hero, but in his great responsibility is to destroy the witch Mormo. She is a witch with great power and her goal is to destroy the entire world. Every 100 years, she will awaken once again and try to destroy the entire world after that she will fall asleep for another 100 years. So every 100 years, there will be a valiant heir of Sword of Ditto and carries the responsibility of killing her to prevent the earth from being destroyed.


The gameplay will still be similar to other ARPG games. Players can explore new lands, kill monsters to gain EXP. Initially, the player will come to Dittom Dale, this is where the player will find Sword of Ditto. The sword will be embedded in an ancient stone pedestal to await the chosen one. When someone draws this sword, they will inherit the power of the Sword of Ditto. At the same time will carry on her responsibility to destroy the witch Mormo to protect the world. But I assure you that no one can kill her from the first time they came to the game. Every time you destroy all the monsters in the dungeon, you will eventually meet her and will be killed by her. But 100 years later, someone else will inherit your mission. But every time you have won the Sword of Ditto has been levelled up and gained new powers to support you. And to a certain continent, you will have enough power to complete the mission.


Sword of Ditto only gives you some physical power far beyond ordinary people but does not support magic power. To get this power, players go to the Toy Store to buy sticks. These stickers will have different designs and bring different powers to the player to choose from. For example, a sticker in the shape of fire will get the power of fire, a sticker in the shape of a bolt of lightning will give the player the power of thunder.


The Swords of Ditto has a very vivid 3D graphics format, the world of the game is very diverse because every 100 years the world has many new changes. So coming to the game, players will get new experiences constantly.