Game The Wild Darkness

Game The Wild Darkness
Publisher PoPeyed Inc
Genre RPG
Size 83M
Latest Version 1.1.30
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update March 3, 2021 (1 week ago)

Surely you have seen programs about discovery and wildlife survival on US TV channels. When watching such realistic movies, have you ever thought that you will experience the same? Then the game The Wild Darkness is a perfect choice for it because it will give you the familiar images of wildlife you have seen. Coming to the game, you will be transported to a strange forest that seems to be separate from the real world. Everything becomes alien and fearful for you when there are so many dangers out there. So the only way is to stand up to everything by yourself in order to survive in such a scary forest. How do you stand between the lines of life and death?

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A simple and fun game

Like other survival adventure games, The Wild Darkness has no clear storyline or mission. Here, you will play the role of a boy who is enchanted by a witch and after the spell expires, the adventure story begins. When you wake up, you are transported to a strange dark forest. Everything is unfamiliar and your knowledge of this place is a blunt number and you will rewrite your own life. Therefore, you will have to learn to survive such as finding food, building tents, making necessary furniture, and be really wary of dangerous monsters that appear at night. This is a heavy survival game because if you die, you have to start over from there. Try to find ways to survive as long as you can.

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Take your time and plan the move

The Wild Darkness is primarily a survival game, that’s obvious, but it’s also a turn-based game, with random and permanent levels. But did you know that time comes to a standstill when it’s your turn? It can take as long as you like, the enemy will only move and attack when it’s their turn, so try to approach the fight so you don’t have a disadvantage. If you reach an enemy during their turn, they will attack you in an instant. Instead, use pending orders to skip your turn and standstill. This will bring the enemy closer to you and then you can attack them first. Remember never to attack your enemy blindly. Track your health and surroundings and make sure you make each turn.

Crafting basic tools

To be able to live with ease you need to learn how to make basic tools like stone knives and stone axes. You can go around to collect bushes and logs respectively. You can also unlock more basic tools as you progress. The game also gives you the means to create fire, which is essential for survival. Get in the habit of collecting everything you see because each item has its use-value. And although you will have trouble with storage space, you can drop everything and pick it up later.

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Keep the torch in your hand

As night falls, creatures in the abyss begin to multiply. These creatures are highly resistant to damage if you do not have a light source. So make sure to always carry the torch with you. When a creature comes close, you just need to take out the torch and they will shrink and weaken a lot. You will find that walking at night occurs often because your energy is dissipated at a slightly slower rate. Allows you to discover a lot before you need to go back for the day. Of course, don’t let this discourage you from resting early if you need to recover. However, you can remove the torch from the dungeon’s wall if you find yourself in a predicament.

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Death is not the end

At this point, you can continue your adventure and try to create new recipes. You may have noticed that your combat abilities are lacking as most of your attack attempts fail. You can continue but eventually, you will find yourself losing battles. When your health drops to 0, your character will die and that is the end of your adventure. However, death is not the end! Your achievements and feats are collected on the black cube, as is the rest of you. You can use the key to open the rest to receive star gems. Try to go as far as you can. The Wild Darkness is a game worth playing if you like an adventure in a wild style. Try out the game to see how long you can survive.


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