Game Thing TD

Game Thing TD
Publisher Booblyc TD
Genre Strategy
Size 100M
Latest Version 1.0.54
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update October 12, 2020 (5 months ago)

Strategy games are always new game experiences, and it has evolved continuously into countless variations to entertain players. Each tactical genre has its characteristics, such as the variety and richness in gameplay, to bring players many new things. Especially the Tower Defense strategy genre, a form of strategy that challenges the ability to research the battlefield and the enemy, and even know how to choose the best options in the defense waves. And a perfect example for the TD genre is Thing TD, or known as Incursion, which is a TD game with lovely cartoon graphics, but with a violent nature in each frame and atmosphere. There is no doubt that it will be a perfect TD game to entertain you anytime, anywhere.

Thing TD (MOD, Unlimited Money) ***


What are defense strategy games? That is where the player uses the options available to fight the enemy, destroy all enemies, prevent them from completing the goal. And the same goes for Thing TD, where the player will have to build towers with unique characteristics and combine them to prevent any enemies from entering the base. On behalf of the player will be Heroes, are units can freely move on the map and use powerful skills. Coming to this game, players will experience endless TD challenges, even players have to become more creative after each battle because new enemies will begin to appear. The game will also introduce a diverse upgrade system, allowing players to unlock new Towers or upgrade Heroes to make them perform better on the battlefield.

Thing TD (MOD, Unlimited Money) ***


In each challenge, players will enjoy a separate storyline, describing the world and the forces in conflict. Therefore, the player’s task is to defend the most critical points of the kingdom by setting up the toughest blocking posts. Each challenge will have a different map, and along the roads will be the locations for players to build towers. Every tower has a unique function, and if the player builds them effectively, the defense will increase significantly. For example, building Barracks to spawn soldiers blocking the way while being supported by archers or mages depending on the resistance of the enemy. That is a simple example, but in the future, there will be many new towers, and players will have to upgrade to new variations to be able to fight the enemy.


Besides building towers along the roads, players can use Heroes to support towers. Each Hero has its characteristics, like stats, abilities, and attack mechanics, but they can be freely moved across the map and can support at critical points easily. Furthermore, their skills are categorized as passive and active, and can even affect nearby towers with better efficiency. Heroes’ skills can be customized or upgraded thanks to the game’s development system, and even their appearance will change if they reach a certain level.

Thing TD (MOD, Unlimited Money) ***


Towers have each function separately but will become weaker if faced with stronger enemies. Thus, players must unlock new features of each tower, increase combat abilities, and evolve into new variations. After unlocking new features in the development system, players can upgrade to a higher version if they have enough gold. Of course, once reached the required level, the player can decide on their next variation since the variety of Towers, and their uses are plentiful and endless.


Do you feel the tower can’t stand it? Is the enemy attacking strongly? Not enough damage output? Then use your reinforcements skills. Calling for reinforcements is endless, but it takes a while to cool-down, and the player can navigate them upon summoning. Of course, reinforcement is similar to the tower, as they will still be affected by the development system, even improving combat performance to a high level. However, calling for help is also seen as a tactic when they have a long cool-down time but have large, effective damage to destroy a large area of ​​enemies.

Thing TD (MOD, Unlimited Money) ***


The player’s battles will scatter all over the continent of Thing TD, and the enemy will also become stronger for the player to deal with. Each enemy has its characteristics of attack and defense stats and even resists many attack types. Therefore, the game will have an intelligence system, allowing players to know the enemy in advance and the number before each wave. After each battle, the game will automatically record the enemy’s fighting effectiveness, thereby giving accurate analysis so that players have to prepare in advance, such as their weaknesses or movement speed.

Thing TD (MOD, Unlimited Money) ***

Thing TD currently has more than 50 million people around the world, thanks to the diverse and unique TD gameplay that even surpasses all players’ expectations. Also, the fixation and the number of Towers in each challenge is a way to test the player’s creativity in strategy building, where each tower can support each other. If you are a Tower Defense lover and are looking for a new breath of entertainment, then this game will be a perfect choice.


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