Game Through the Darkest of Times

Game Through the Darkest of Times
Publisher HandyGames
Genre Strategy
Size 450M
Latest Version 1.0.13
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Update November 26, 2020 (4 months ago)

Under the leadership of Hitler, Germany said it was one of the most terrible times for the world. World War II made everything exhausted, and the economic situation worse than ever. In the heart of Germany, there were also people who loved the peace and saw the danger that the Führer posed. Through the Darkest of Times is a game that represents the hardest time rebels have suffered. They must be terrified of the risk of being captured, beaten, and murdered by Nazi patrols for opposing the regime. However, you must try to survive, fight, and lead people to a brighter future.

Through the Darkest of Times

It was both a simulation game and a survival game

Through the Darkest of Times presented a challenging and impossible task at that time to oppose Hitler’s dictatorship. With such a difficult task, you will have to do small things to slowly drain the energy of the enemy. Your army consists of ordinary people like civilians of the Jews, Catholics, Communists, and even those who did not submit to the patriot—trying to do things like dropping leaflets to spread the evil deeds of the Nazis, drawing anti-regime messages on the walls, collecting vital intelligence, recruiting more comrades. You have to perform these tasks neatly if you do not want the Nazis to detect. If they exploit any secrets, the lives of their comrades will be in danger.

Through the Darkest of Times

Historical stories

Everything you can experience in Through the Darkest of Times is built to be closest to history. This means that you will not be able to deny the fact that the Nazis will gain an overwhelming advantage. These struggles will cause those who dare to break through to be violently suppressed. It is for this reason that the insurgent’s weak forces cannot turn around the course of history. However, players can do everything in their power to save as many people as possible. And rely on your strength as well as your forces to counteract this regime as much as possible.

Through the Darkest of Times

When participating in the game, you will experience four stages of the dark period. Players will quickly realize that they are entering any period due to the change of color as well as the image around you. This game is designed with unique art. It’s like old cartoons with dark colors along with distorted images. Each story takes place will fully reflect the cruelty of Nazi Germany during this period.

Through the Darkest of Times

Besides, as a leader, players will feel the burden of responsibility when you have to make tough decisions. Sometimes in order to succeed in a mission, you have to sacrifice some of your teammates. Those consequences are really too catastrophic. But every war must have casualties. That’s what you have to accept. Finally, the battles you have to go through are beautifully depicted, allowing you to relive the darkest and most glorious moments of history.

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