Game Thumper: Pocket Edition
Publisher Drool LLC
Genre Simulation
Size 98M
Latest Version 1.13
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Update October 1, 2019 (1 year ago)

You are looking for an entirely new game and differentiated from the current game. You want to experience the feeling of adventure with road racing speed and challenge. Come to Thumper: Pocket Edition, this will be a unique game when there is a combination of music with small animals such as beetles. What is that mix, let’s find out.

This is a racing game?

Thumper: Pocket Edition is quite similar to the current racing game because the speed of the beetle is breakneck, the beetle is not as simple as it was designed as the car iron. Sometimes they will raise their wings or hit obstacles; they will change their wings. And it’s only by yourself that you’re driving on the road, not racing or competing with your opponent.

It sounds pretty dull, but it’s not easy to complete a level. By mysterious design and aroused curiosity. At times, you may be distracted by the darkening curves that are being slowly unfolded that will ignore the instructions and cause the beetle to be injured. And of course, if you lose, you will have to play again. When you get past a bright spot, you can get points from the game, and when you reach a certain level, the score or damage level will be displayed next to the bug.

Running nonstop

Come to Thumper: Pocket Edition, what you control is not a character but a beetle, he is very eye-catching design. Colors contrast with the background colour of the game. Through each passage, the path changes, looking at it like we are lost in a dead maze without a way out. This is an entirely new kind of game. Graphics, graphics space in the game are incredibly new and unique.

The highlight is music

Besides the extraordinary graphics of the graphics, music is also a critical part, and it can be said that it is a sound that comes with the speed of the beetle. There are times when you have to turn left or right or jump over obstacles. You have to adjust for accuracy, while the control button is close to the barrier, there will be symbols next to the hard bite to click.

Sum up

It comes to players with a new look and a new way of playing but surely the Thumper: Pocket Edition has all the unique features that no game has. The game needs to pay in real money and only applies to the iPhone and iPad so you can go to the app store or iTunes to learn more about the game.