Game Titan Quest

Game Titan Quest
Publisher HandyGames
Genre RPG
Size 1.6G
Latest Version 2.9.9
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Update March 10, 2021 (3 days ago)

The gods are tools for people to express their views on natural phenomena as well as the world view of society. Even now, people still use the image of the supreme ones to explain everything. Although it is not as popular as before, higher-level entities are always imagined by them to worship. There was an extremely long time when the gods in Greek mythology became the image for people to get ideas and create. Titan Quest is a game that has been so popular on pc for over ten years. If the parameters are given, there are still people playing this game at the current time on the computer system. But the trend is inevitable as the popular games on pc are gradually adapted on smartphones to serve the needs of more customers. You can go on Google Play and type its name; you can get a game version from the publisher HandyGames. This is also the official game version of it on Android so you can comfortably enjoy without being shy of any errors or omissions of content.

Best hack-and-slash games of all time now fit in your pocket!

HandyGames is the publisher of many of the favorite games on PC and adapted on mobile phones, the rock representative most mentioned is Neighbors from Hell. In addition, in their inventory, there are many different products using a variety of tree games as well as attractive graphic designs, ensuring the integrity of the original game. In addition, their own creations are also magnificent, bringing a lot of pleasant experiences for players around the world. Titan Quest – a product with the same name as its original, received almost all its quintessence. The first thing to mention is that the character designs are transmitted successfully. Everything in the mobile version of “Titan Quest” is shown in full 3D format. So players can feel the fascinating atmosphere of the ancient Greek period where humans still lived under the rule of the gods. The present time is the time when the 3rd generation Greek gods ruled and is said to be the most stable generation in the myth. However, at this time the giant gods of Titan escaped from Tartarus prison and plotted to destroy the earth to avenge a long period of exile in the darkest place in the world. The power of the gods is not enough; they need a hero to start everything and run the army of humans against the gods of previous generations.

A huge, open world to explore

Since 2006, “Titan Quest” has lived for more than a decade and serves players with familiar RPG combat. When participating in the game, you will have to immerse yourself in the ongoing battle with dense frequency. Which means the player will never have a period of peace and rest. Only fight and fight until you defeat all enemies and bring peace to the earth. It is also categorized into the hack ‘n slash category, described in accordance with the intensity of the match you have to join. Once you’ve accepted the battle, you’ll have to use your fighting skills always to kill all enemies that are in your way. The player only has a simple operation to slash and stab, indicating when there is no enemy left on the map to be counted as a victory. Each player will be equipped with their own four different skills. There are two factors affecting the frequency of using these skills: cooldown and MP. Note the blue below the HP bar, if it’s depleted then you won’t be able to use your ability even if it’s ready. So players will have to think so that the skills can work seamlessly together to cause the greatest amount of damage before the energy is exhausted. In addition, the player must also pay attention to which class his character belongs. It will greatly affect your fighting style from the start of the game to the end. The skills you have will also be upgraded based on a built-in skill tree in the store. You will have to use the rewards that you have earned during the battle to upgrade them and customize your fighting style to suit your personal style. Finally, if you have some free time, please visit the weapons shop owners so they can upgrade the items you use in the match.


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