Game Tomb Survivor

Game Tomb Survivor
Publisher Leiting Games
Genre Adventure
Size 154 MB
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Update September 17, 2019 (1 year ago)

Tomb Survivor – Chinese emperors after death are buried with so much wealth and treasure. That is why producing the most dangerous and strange job is to steal the grave. Courageous people will find ways to sneak into these graves to take away the gold and silver that the ancient king and aristocrat carried upon death. But the ancients did not want anyone to break into their resting place so they put a lot of traps in them. These adventures are one of the topics worth exploring for a wide range of entertainment products from novels to movies and now games.

Experience the thrill, indulgence and bizarreness on playing tomb-raiding game.

Tomb Survivor will bring the player to the most tombs and mystery adventures so the player must be mentally prepared to meet the terrible jump scared. Besides, puzzles or questions that need to be thought a lot are also worth mentioning. Leiting Games owns a psychological horror game with a very dark theme. This assures the player the most authentic experience of fear.


It is a third-person role-playing game but offers a very unique angle. Players will have to look straight 90 degrees from the top of the character rather than the side view. This gives the player a certain amount of inhibition when the view is open but everything is dark. Everything is tinged with mysterious and mysterious colors that allow them to observe all the horrible connotations that the producer puts into the game to threaten the player. But do not be afraid to ignore the clues, they are the clues to finding the solution to the puzzle and escape from the mystery tomb.

The sound is one of the factors that make the success of a thriller and in the game. When players walk in the crypt will unknowingly hear footsteps from far away. Everything here is haunted, they seek and tear the bodies who are seeking the immortality of ancient kings. Do you dare open a coffin? If you do not open, you will never find a treasure or even escape. But if opened will face two cases. Open up the treasure or open the demon.

The game also incorporates the element of survival and that again. Players not only adventure in the vault with all the evil surrounding but also to survive as a human. They will need food, water, resting places, and torches to continue their journey. Try to pass all the traps, solve all the puzzles and find out the mystery behind this tomb to find the mystery of the Immortality Seal buried in the crypt.


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