Game Top Eleven 2020 – Be a Soccer Manager

Game Top Eleven 2020 – Be a Soccer Manager
Publisher Nordeus
Genre Simulation, Sports
Size 95M
Latest Version 11.0.1
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Update January 23, 2021 (2 months ago)

Football is not an unfamiliar sport for many people, because in the world it is the most popular sport in the world. Every country in the world has set up its team to participate in tournaments. Every year, a lot of competition take place, including the one that takes place every four years and the biggest game in the world, the World Cup. That is enough to see the popularity of the sport and its influence on the planet. Many countries use the ball as a tool for outside dealing with foreign countries. So when it comes to football, which game do you think of? PES? FIFA? Besides the titles above, there is a thing that has received love from the players, which is “Top Eleven” – a management game. This game was first released in 2010; the age of this series is not long but still receives interest from players. Since its first launch, this game has absorbed what the audience wants to improve day by day and deliver better things. If you are bored with the usual football games, this is the game you should try to experience the new.

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Build your squad

The similarity of this game compared to other football games, is that players need to build a squad of their own. Almost all football game titles require players to create a team to play the game. To build a ball, the player needs to gather eleven players to do it. A team will be made up of three main things, that is strikers, midfielders, and defenders, players need to gather all three-factor to form a complete squad. Besides, there is an indispensable position of any team that is the goalkeeper. Many people say that in a team, the goalkeeper is the keeper who makes up half of that team. Just by having a good goalkeeper, you have won 50% of the winning rate of that match. Players need to gather all of those things to be able to form a team and win.

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Participating in tournaments

The goal of a player when building a squad is to participate in a tournament. But it is not just joining, but if you participate, you must become the winner, so try to become the winner of all. Participating in tournaments and winning is also a way for you to earn a lot of money to spend for different purposes. What makes the difference in this game is that the player cannot directly control the members of the team to play. The match will be played automatically, and the player as a coach stands outside the pit lane to watch the game. This is the difference in this game compared to other games that players have ever experienced before. All you do is watching everything that is happening during the game in a fast-forwarded way so that the player can easily absorb it. Many players will say that this will make the game lose the inherent competition of the sports game, but this game proves the opposite. The game only possesses simple gameplay, but that simplicity is what attracts the game’s players.

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The strategy is the most important thing

In this game, the most important thing is not the players, but the tactics that you put out to compete. If the player has a good enough strategy, you can easily win. And if your tactics are not too new and innovative, it is tough to win. There are players during the game using only a single team to compete. Many other people change their squad regularly to challenge themselves and find new things when playing the game. Almost anyone knows that no strategy is invincible, all of which have holes in it so that players can breakthrough. If your team has achieved the highest stability, then players shouldn’t change tactics because the members are familiar with it. Each player has a strong position, they play well in this position, and not good in other places, or suitable to play with a particular team.

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Training plays a significant role in improving the strength of the team. When practicing together, the members of the team can get to know each other better and easy to adapt to the strategy. But to practice how to get good results depends on a lot of factors, including things like tactics, training style, and many other things.


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