Game Torque Drift: Become a DRIFT KING!

Game Torque Drift: Become a DRIFT KING!
Publisher Grease Monkey Games
Genre Racing
Size 1.1GB
Latest Version 1.9.6
MOD Info Free Shopping
Get it On Google Play
Update March 2, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

Racing is an extreme sport as it allows speed enthusiasts to satisfy their interests. And once they mastered the racing technique to a certain extent, drift was what they were aiming for. If you still wonder what this technique is and why it is one of the most popular techniques, you can experience the product Torque Drift: Become a DRIFT KING!. According to the comments of many enthusiastic players, this is not only a racing game but also a DRIFT Simulator game for really passionate people.

The first and most potent impression for players

Torque Drift is really right to every detail, everything is beautifully polished. The first thing that draws your attention to these games is definitely the banner, as well as the trailer was shown on Google Play. Almost everything meets the standards of an AAA game. It can be said that its graphics are strong enough to compare with Asphalt 8 and with new updates, sometimes even more beautiful.

The famous sports racing cars that you can easily see on review sites such as Audi, Bentley, Porsche, … are shown in the game. A special feature here is that these images have been copyrighted. So the cars shown in the game are sure to be displayed at the highest level. The amount of money you spend to unlock it is not comfortable either. Compared to real-world value, the more valuable a car is, the more money you need to use to unlock it. However, the detail and beauty of it are well worth the effort you spend.

Many race tracks are designed specifically for this game

As commented, “Torque Drift” is like a DRIFT Simulator, so it needs to have its own unique tracks. If you are interested, you can immediately download the game and experience it. The most significant difference between this game and its brothers is that the tracks make the most of the drift technique. The curves are created with extremely high frequency and regularly require players to be extremely fast and have good judgment. If you do not respond in time, it is sure to hit the fence, and your movement speed will be significantly affected. The game also takes you to many different places to be able to experience the atmosphere there. The racetrack built on the beach makes you feel good, and the scenery is also beautiful.

The console also creates the maximum conditions for you to perform drifting techniques

For many common racing games today, people use the steering simulator to create the maximum convenience for the player. Or for options, you can also adjust the joystick to 4 directions. However, Torque Drift has a joystick design that maximizes the player’s drift experience. On the left of the screen will be two control buttons in the left and right directions. On the other side will be the accelerator and brake pedals. A special feature here is a gear lever located in the middle of the screen.

If you want to perform a drift phase, you need to downshift this gear by touching it. After you’ve swung the gear lever, you’ll need to hold down the navigation keys and throttle at the same time. If you want the car to move in any direction, hold the navigation key in that direction. Each racetrack will have different bends, so you will have to coordinate to press the button and release the button properly. If this combination is a little misleading, it will create redundant movements and reduce your speed leading to loss. The most significant difficulty is requiring you to drift in a circle. Practice a lot in order to feel the right times.

You can do things in your custom car

Every car you buy is your own property so you can do anything you like with it. The cars you buy have a basic design, and the manufacturer makes it in real life. However, you can customize everything in this car. For example, if you want it to look stylish, try unlocking more decal stickers. These designs will give the car a new appearance. And if you’re going to cry a big car, you can also buy more accessories to make it can increase speed faster, maintain the acceleration state longer, creating more advantages.


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