Game Touchdrawn

Game Touchdrawn
Publisher Rollic Games
Genre Sports
Size 70M
Latest Version 1.9.9
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update January 11, 2021 (2 months ago)

Rugby is not an unfamiliar sport for many players around the world because it is so popular. Especially in the US, this sport also receives more attention than football, the sport king. First launched in 1869 and quickly became one of the most popular sports in the United States. Not only in the US but also in many neighboring countries that are quite interested in the sport, as evidenced by the annual tournament. In many schools, there are even rugby clubs to compete in tournaments. So like many sports like basketball or football, there’s no reason this sport doesn’t have a game for itself.

That game is Touchdrawn – a puzzle game that has just been released on the subject of rugby for players to experience. This is not the first time a game on this topic has been released, but this game will have a completely different gameplay than before. If players want to experience but a new sense of rugby, this game is an excellent choice for players to do it.

Touchdrawn (MOD, Unlimited Money) ***

The graphics are attractive but straightforward

In sports games, everyone wants to portray the perfect character image for players to experience. But this game goes in the opposite direction, the character in the game is only one person, and it is designed very simple. It is almost enough for the player to imagine that this is a football player for the player to control. Because of this simplicity, the game has attracted a lot of players to the game to experience that simplicity. In many other games, the character portrayed perfectly often requires a lot of storage space. But for this game, everything is a lot simpler, so it doesn’t need a lot of memory to download the game. So the game will not require too much hardware, just a mid-range device is enough to play the game.

Touchdrawn (MOD, Unlimited Money) ***

The gameplay is simple and easy to play

In many games on other sports topics, they all want to add all the elements of reality for players to experience. Most of the rules and the way of the game are kept to apply to the game. But this game is different, the only thing that this game retains is to hold the ball and bring it to the touchdown to win. But the player is not directly controlling the character, but the way for the player to do it is to draw. Players will use fingers to draw and form a line for the character to move according to what you have drawn. After the player releases the finger from the screen, the character will follow what he has drawn to the destination. The player only has one chance to draw; after lifting your finger, the character will move, and if you lose, you will have to start over. That is all that players need to do to play the game, sounds very simple, right? But to complete the game is not as simple as you think, without the strategy, you will easily lose.

Touchdrawn (MOD, Unlimited Money) ***

Many different obstacles

In the game, there are many obstacles and even opponents to prevent the player’s footsteps. In the early stages, the player can easily pass because this is just something for players to get used to the game. The objects in the game are just motionless, so the player just needs to draw correctly to be able to overcome the stage. In the game, there will be many opponents to discourage players. Around each opponent there is a zoned area if the player enters that area, the player will be stopped and lost the game. So players need to find a way to overcome them without going into that area to be able to win. Initially, they didn’t move, so it was not too difficult for the player to overcome them. But in the following stages, they will start to move, and the game will become much harder. If the player does not draw correctly, then you will most likely lose and have to find another way to overcome it. There will be stages where there are too many enemies that the player cannot overcome alone; there will be support from teammates. The player only needs to let his teammates advance and stop the opponent so that the player can overcome them.

Collect coins

In the game, there will be a lot of coins are displayed, and the player must move across them to collect them. Players can accumulate those coins to unlock many more new things in the game. For example, players can change balls with many different colors and styles to bring novelty to players. Or you can buy more new costumes for the character to make it more unique.


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