Game Towerlands

Game Towerlands
Publisher Black Bears
Genre Strategy
Size 99M
Latest Version 1.14
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update March 6, 2021 (1 week ago)

The idle defense genre games are always entertaining choices for those who are often busy and can not operate regularly. They are a perfect combination of strategy and action elements, stimulating the player’s creativity in building the strongest walls against all enemy attacks. A game that contains the above elements is Towerlands, which belongs to the idle defense genre to relax players, and allows them to develop the game remarkably, even without interacting directly. Moreover, the game uses fantasy and magic elements to develop gameplay and the world, bringing life and vividness to the vast world.


Towerlands is a simple game, applying idle defense and tower mechanisms to give players entertaining gameplay. The game’s content is almost endless and always gives players many new elements, even introduces more challenges for players to become more creative with defensive tactics. The player’s task in each campaign is simple, building a mobile tower and developing it indefinitely to withstand any attack. The player’s tower will be composed of many different components, including support, attack, and defense. By combining those elements, the player’s tower can counter powerful enemies and heroically advance.


The Player’s campaign can be infinitely expanded with each enemy’s defeat, and players will be fighting different types of enemies along the way. What’s impressive is the variety of environments and regions that affect the overall tactics and monsters’ appearance specific to the environment. Besides the main campaign, the game will have many sub-campaigns and special challenges, enrich the gameplay and give players challenges with absolute difficulty. During the battle across all lands, players will have to become more creative over time and always develop their army to a new level.


The game’s upgrade system is endless, but combat units will prestige as they reach maximum levels for each tier. Players will have many options to develop the tower, creating layers of attack and defense against each enemy. Each department has different upgrade features, and players can upgrade their strength or increase their power to improve the tower’s DPS. The game’s upgrade system is full of creativity, and there are always new options for players to explore, even transform the architecture of the tower, and unlock more outstanding features.


Ruling over towers is heroes with special powers, and their abilities will vary so that the tower can deal with many different enemies. Heroes are divided into three different classes, which are archers, knights, and mages. Each type will have different variations for players to unlock and equip the tower, easily dealing with many enemies. Furthermore, the heroes each have a unique skill system and can cover the entire tower and enhance DPS. What is impressive about each hero is that they are detailed in design and will gradually change in appearance depending on their level. That makes the game more attractive, and the player’s tower will become more splendid than ever.


The player’s tower is a standalone system, and players can support them with nature’s special skills. The game will have different types of nature skills, and players can use them depending on the type of enemy in each level. The powers of nature’s skills are mostly AOE, allowing the player to destroy multiple enemies at once, but in exchange for a long cooldown. The skill system allows players to upgrade natural skills and add many more variations, and the skills’ effect and power will change dramatically, giving players more advantage on the battlefield.


All combat units can be enhanced through the town’s training system, and Towerlands will introduce town-building to entertain players. This genre’s games do not have town-building mechanisms, so their gameplay has many limitations and cannot satisfy them. However, in Towerlands, the player’s town will gradually evolve and unlock special features for players to fight for a long time when it comes to this game. Moreover, the heroes’ strength will be significantly improved through training, giving players more options in building tactics.

The creativity and entertainment of Towerlands are endless and ever-changing for players to explore. The gameplay will gradually become richer with each player’s achievement, allowing them to build a powerful tower. The game will also add many entertainment elements such as mini-games or special events, creating rich opportunities for players and enjoying the game anytime, anywhere, even offline.


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