Game TRAHA (트라하)

Game TRAHA (트라하)
Publisher NEXON
Genre RPG
Size 180MB
Latest Version 1.19.5
Update February 2, 2020 (1 year ago)

Each time a G-Star event draws near, Korean publishers are eagerly preparing the trailer for upcoming releases in the future. Not only create the interest and interest of the players but also easily assert the position with other competitors are competing. Nexon – is known as an experienced master who publishes graphical games for PC and mobile. Bringing the combination of Korean and Chinese cultures, Nexon owns all of the strongest of both. Just like a hybrid child carrying potential in the mobile game market.

Nexon’s echoes to the point now have nothing to dispute. Every time the game’s publisher publishes, the eagerly awaited netizens are eagerly waiting for each moment. Most recently, at the G-Star 2018 event, the company launched 14 trailers of upcoming titles, including Traha. Owning the style of MMORPG with beautiful graphics, the game was quickly interested gamers. According to the trailer of the company, promises this will be a super product for the war title between the two kingdoms extremely attractive and exciting.

New MMORPG mobile by NEXON

Set between the two kingdoms are ongoing war, players will be transformed into classes in one of these two countries. The main task of the player is to practice skills and fight with the enemy. With incredibly diverse classes, choosing the right fighting style is not difficult. Each type will have different characteristics, different weapons. Depending on the case, the flexibility of using the appropriate classes will help the player quickly defeat the target.

Continuous use of the skills will rapidly also achieve the same effect. Weapons also match the terrain and relative distance between ourselves and the enemy. Usage moves are either monopoly or AOE. Depending on the number of enemies currently available, proper use will help the player deal more easily. However, recovery time is not less, so avoid using waste, for the formidable opponent behind.

Traha is MMORPG style, so in addition to fighting PVE also PVP. From PVE battles, players can acquire animals for transportation. For a vast terrain of Traha, this really reduces the travel time a lot. Monsters always have a big amount of blood and defense is leveled up. cannot quickly finish them, they need continuous attacks and stable damage. It is a disadvantage when the attacks are not only limited to time but also consumes a great deal of mana in the constant onslaught. So the proper alignment will help the best effect. As for PVP, the confrontation will undoubtedly become more intense, more intense. Fighting with players requires more tactics and skills than with many monsters. However, all of them still need mature elements such as monsters.


At the hands of Nexon, Traha is depicted in stunning 3D technology and lively. All details of the image are thoroughly elaborated, meticulous. Smooth, smooth animation. The assault rifle is clearly described, shown by wonderful, magnificent flashes. The colors are perfect, honest and the terrain is wide open to explore the experience of players. The sound factor is matched with each cutting and combining circumstances, creating a multidimensional space, monumental. The layout and interface are quite similar to many of the current titles. However, it is difficult to compete with Traha.


Although the new test only, but it has caused many people nausea, restless days and only about news about the game. Possessing all the essence of Nexon, Traha will probably continue to be a new superhero for the MMORPG genre. Not just the plot and the gameplay appeal but, the graphics of the game also fall into this category. It’s not even easy to find titles of the same level. For the best experience, subscribe to the game first to quickly update when news from the publisher as well as its launch date.


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