Game Trick Art Dungeon

Game Trick Art Dungeon
Publisher G1 Playground Games
Genre Logic
Size 415MB
Latest Version 2.56
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Update December 26, 2019 (1 year ago)

Have you ever thought about games being an art? Surely many will say that the game has never been an art because it is only a form of entertainment in the free time. Most of them are true when playing games simply to kill time in their spare time and relieve some of the pressure in life. However, the game combined with art is indeed a desirable answer. Trick Art Dungeon¬†uses geometric elements and makes a skillful block, making it look like a colorful, modern 3D picture and giving us a strange feeling. If you still keep track of artists who show their talents and post on social networks, they will understand, the boundaries between real and fake are very fragile. “Trick Art Dungeon” will bring that feeling right, bringing players from surprise to surprise.

A journey of a child who lost his parents in a museum

Right in the title of the game, there was an “art” that clearly showed the manufacturer’s idea G1 Playground Games. They will know that their products become a dynamic picture of the player’s actions and form a particular game. While other games, graphics serve only as covers to attract players, “Trick Art Dungeon” turns graphics into gameplay. That uniqueness and creativity have earned this game many prestigious awards in 2018 like MWU Korea Unity Prize Winner, Google Play Indie Game Festival Winner, 2017 8th Game Creative Audition. Receiving the love and trust from players and fans, it has continued to grow and grow after a period of release.

Beautiful Graphics and Sounds

The game will tell a boy’s journey to find his parents lost in the Art Dungeon. In this world, imagination and reality do not seem to be separated like two parallel worlds that blend. Each of your steps will be an unimaginable synthesis of “art tricks.” It’s like when you see 3D street pictures, the line between the image and the real thing is erased. In the game, you will have to live in a particular situation and find ways to guide the boy to his parents’ rescue place.

Trick Art Dungeon basically works in the style of a puzzle adventure game. The pace of the game is not fast, only slow and challenging. You will not have to fight any monster but must use your intelligence to deduce and answer the questions that the game offers. It is not a question that is given in words but a situation that asks a question. You will have to move and find ways to move forward. “Trick Art Dungeon” challenges players very much by using a fake, fake image design that makes it impossible for you to understand how to keep moving. Each step will be a surprise, an experience and an experience for you to understand one thing: “Never believe anything in this world.” For example, sometimes you have to rotate a wheel to make the picture complete, and then the shark in the picture will come out and attack everything. Or you see a mirror, and at the end of the road there is no turn, turn right and go straight to the mirror. And there are many other tricks.

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