Game Troll Face Quest Video Games 2
Publisher Spil Games
Genre Logic
Size 67M
Latest Version 2.2.1
MOD Info Free Hints
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Update September 23, 2020 (6 months ago)

Follow the series of “Troll Face” series as Troll Face Quest, Troll Face Quest Unlucky, Troll Face Quest TV Shows, Troll Face Quest Classic…Troll Face Quest Video Games 2, the “sequel” to Troll Face Quest Video Games. Talking about the game “Troll face” certainly can not mention two words “monster”. These include cheating, scolding, etc. between characters. This is a game that made the reputation of Spil Game successfully created a relaxing, fun for players of this game. You need to do to conquer the “troll face” game is to pay attention to observe and try to give as much as possible to the enemy as well as pay attention to the enemy’s revenge offline.

With the slogan “With a true passion for games, Spil Games gives you the very best gaming experiences.” has kept the promise and released many different titles both regarding graphics as well. “Troll Face” is an excellent demonstration in every version, it has different playing techniques, different images, as well as experience, is very different.

Features, characteristics

With its quirky features, Troll Face Games Video Games 2 hit 85 million downloads as Troll Face Quest! and became an amusing, teasing and entertaining game Some specific features in the game such as 35 fun levels while playing frantic gambling. Successfully unlocked some other crazy. Collect fantastic collections that you will never see in real life. And this is an offline game, so please download and enjoy playing, feel the fun trip is simulated in the video game loony.


Get yourself into the Troll Pirates with a funny face, make adventurous adventures with the presence of pirates like Monkey Babes in his tight pants. You need to do the tricks and the silly game such as stealing the wheels from the small race cars of Italy. Control the whole city when executing riots, killing or sabotage without good reason.
Complete the series of jokes and go to the final victory, and then the reward for your dinner will be with the chicken, and if you lose, you will be thrown in the trash. The series of jokes that go through you will sometimes make you feel like breaking the phone screen. Be calm, and then do the opposite with the pranksters before they knock you down and end your game in the trash.

Graphics, sound

Simple graphics and a bit scrawny. However, it is not a problem to make the game lost fun because inherently Troll Face Quest Video Games 2 form is quite simple. The sound is slightly twisted, fast and quite fun. In general, you try to go to see the music is enough entertainment enough.

Sum up

Choose Troll Face Quest Video Games 2 MOD right away and go. It does not hurt to bring joy and entertainment to you. Just control the trolls at once with the sudden and painful trolls to continue fighting and then you’ll have great moments. Troll Face Quest Video Games 2. If you’ve ever tried the ” Troll Face “before, why would you have waited without experiencing Troll Face Quest Video Games 2 right now?