Game Tropico Mobile

Game Tropico Mobile
Publisher Feral Interactive
Genre Simulation
Size 2.5GB
Latest Version 1.3.1RC1-android
Get it On Google Play
Update March 5, 2020 (1 year ago)

If you are tired of work schedules and learning is too harsh, the entertainment you just expect something gentle. Not rugged RPGs with fights, fiery fights, nor detective games need to use intelligence and logical reasoning. At this time people need games like Tropico Mobile in moments of stress relief. There, players do not need too much skill but just learn a little management experience to create a land rich enough. Feral Interactive is a major gaming company and has over 20 years of experience in the gaming industry. They have produced many famous games and received great prizes. They are well known for their successful collaboration with reputable gaming companies to release and operate. Electronic Arts, Eidos Interactive, Lionhead Studios and Ubisoft are frequent collaborators.

Tropico Mobile is a game that brings glory to Feral Interactive after many years of entering this tough market. Therefore, they continue to maintain this franchise with newer versions over the years. Until 2018, the game has reached the sixth, and there are no signs of cooling. The sincere fans are still watching and supporting the producer. In response to the enthusiasm of the fans, the manufacturer decided to release the mobile version for iOS.

Build your own power trip

When playing a game, you play a dictator who owns an island in the middle of the sea. And to show his power he can do everything he wants on this large island. Island owners can take care of their lands by building homes, doing farming, developing industry and entertaining. However, sometimes the dictator can also get excited and tease his people. Everything is within reach of the player. Also, players can customize many things in the game such as the color of the building, the area of the island, the leading industry to make economic Also and many tasks to complete. Your land will grow incessantly, keeping track of it as it is going through a long history from ancient times to the future. The controls are also quite simple with sliding motions and a long line of functional icons at the bottom of the screen.


If compared to the latest version is on the market, the mobile version almost transmitted most of the essence of the game. Thanks to the power of technology you can see a beautiful tropical island located in the middle of the sea. There, the sea is surrounded by trees and shady trees. Players will feel the original wilderness, but after experiencing the stages of development, the scientifically rich land began to grow. The population is growing, and architecture is becoming more modern.


This mobile version is really successful because it has received very high ratings on many reputable download sites. This is also a great incentive for manufacturers to continue to improve the quality of the game in the future. Be sure to build your own world, make the right decisions and relieve stress with the fun tasks in the game.

  • Android 8.0+ / Lucky Patcher / Jasi Patcher / Modded GooglePlayStore
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