Game Truck World: Euro and American Tour

Game Truck World: Euro and American Tour
Publisher Truck Games
Genre Simulation
Size 190MB
Latest Version 1.1968
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update July 30, 2020 (8 months ago)

Are you fed up with everyday life?
Are you tired after a long day of working and studying stress?
Sometimes you just want to get in the car and drive around to relieve stress after a long day?
So Truck world: Euro and American Tour is a great choice to relieve stress for you.

Truck World: Euro and American Tour is a truck driving simulator game on mobile phones, with the main task of the player is to drive his truck carrying the containers to the location that the game has set for you around. 2 areas are Europe and America.

2019’s most realistic 3D graphics

In the beginning, the game will provide you with a truck. No need to cycle through procedures, no need for cumbersome instructions, you can completely master your truck with extremely simple and friendly gameplay but very attractive of the game. The game supports 4 different control modes to drive. The first control mode is the arrow, very simple, you just need to click on 2 arrows to turn left or right. The second mode is Accelerometer for players who prefer a more realistic feel, which is to tilt your phone to turn left and right.

The third mode is the Steering wheel. It will be in the position of the two arrows, you just need to turn it in the left and right direction to drive it. The fourth mode is Simple steering, which is similar to Steering wheel mode but simpler and easier to drive. The driver’s interface includes horn, brake, forward pedal, reverse pedal, 2-mode light switch and a HUD including speedometer, fuel gauge, vehicle durability as well as power gauge. power you have to drive, and a map with GPS navigation. Very simple but practical, right? Just pick up the cargo assignment and step on the gas and hit the road. After completing the mission you will receive some money and experience.

European and American brands & cities

So with the money and experience gained after each mission, what can we use it for? You can use them to upgrade and decorate the truck as you like. Because your truck has so many different parts, the number of ways you can upgrade it will be very diverse and rich. Currently the parts of the car that you can upgrade are: Engine (upgrade speed and acceleration), cabin (bonus experience that you will receive after each mission will be more), transmission system number (this will help your car warranty faster if upgraded), anti-shock system (helps the car run more durable, reduce the number of times you have to warranty your car), chassis (helps the car become durable more if you drive in a collision), fuel tank (make sure the car can go longer distances), sleeping bags on the car (upgrade this to improve your sleep in the game) , and the cockpit (increase the amount you can get after each mission). So what about car decoration? The game supports a lot of options for players to decorate their trucks. You can change the paint color as you want, or even change the shapes and the trunk, … The more money you have and the more driving experience, the more you can upgrade and decorate for. My truck has become better than ever.

Story, missions and transportation

When driving, the game gives you 4 different views: Straight look, still look straight but at higher angles makes it easy to observe the road ahead, looking from above to straight down to support parking. your, and first-person view mode. The first-person view mode is a strength of the game that gives players a real-world truck driving experience, helping players better understand the difficulty of truck drivers when driving. In the event that the driver makes a mistake that makes the car stuck, the game features a rescue call with the SOS button in the upper right corner of the screen, someone will come to save you to take you back to the main road for you to have been able to resume its mission immediately.

In terms of sound, Truck world does not own underground music tracks like many other driving games, this game does not carry any music, and that makes a stand out for itself. With the sound of vehicles, realistic whistles, … the game completely brings the feeling of driving a truck like in real life to the player. Because, in real life, there is no music emanating from nothingness like In most driving games, right?

This truck world owns realistic 3D graphics with 3 different levels: low, medium and high. This makes the game’s graphics more user-friendly for different phone users because even if you have a weak device, you cannot suffer from the disadvantages of being able to lower the graphics to experience the game smoother. In addition, the graphics of the game are still very good, whether in average or low mode, so the poor are less disadvantaged.

In general, Truck World: Euro and American Tour is a very realistic and entertaining game, helping you to relieve stress effectively after a long stressful day. You can fully experience the feeling of driving without leaving your warm blanket in this game.


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