Game TV Empire Tycoon

Game TV Empire Tycoon
Publisher Codigames
Genre Simulation
Size 98MB
Latest Version 1.11
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update January 21, 2021 (2 months ago)

This Is an idle Simulation game released by Codigames, one of the well-known for making quality simulation. With the simulation genre, players can role-play in many different roles, complete different jobs, and become a successful businessman.

TV Empire Tycoon +++

For those who love games in the simulation genre, TV Empire Tycoon – Idle Management Game will allow the player to become a manager. Your mission is to build and grow your TV empire and become the most talented manager. This game has simple and addictive gameplay of the Idle genre and the attraction of the Simulation genre. Promises to be one of the games you should not miss on your phone.


With minimalistic and addictive gameplay, TV Empire Tycoon gives players an enjoyable and comfortable experience. The task of the player will focus on managing shows and TV programs. Players also have to build your TV Studio. As a manager, you need to try to earn more and more money and invest in TV programs to be able to earn more profits. Bringing the company into one of the most popular and successful Empire TV sets.

TV Empire Tycoon +++

Manage your staff

For a company to operate effectively, players need to manage their employees effectively. Players can look at each of your employees, review each situation, and employee effectiveness so they can make the right decisions. You can choose to hire new employees or even fire ineffective employees. You can also hire many employees with different positions in the company, such as office workers, camerapersons, producers, etc… Each position will have its own role in the company, supporting each other. Work effectively and bring success to the TV Empire.

Create special shows

You can also take advantage of the staff and facilities you have to be able to create special Shows. When you have special employees of famous superstars, you can create many different TV programs and Shows. Players need to organize and be able to launch these programs on time and strategically to become more popular.

TV Empire Tycoon +++


As an Empire TV, you will continually invest and make some profits. The player will use this money to continue to invest in facilities to do better. Players can also invest in shows, TV programs and even buy new props to create interesting shows and engage viewers. You will have to consider and calculate to be able to come up with strategies to be able to invest your money in reasonable purposes. From there, it can be easily reaped more profits to be able to continue to grow and build a famous TV Empire.

Open New Areas In Studio

Players will have to expand special areas to do different specific jobs. Players will have to invest and expand these areas to be able to create new Show and TV Programs. You can also upgrade these areas to become more modern and inert into a large-scale company.

Find The Best Television Host

As your TV empire becomes more popular and famous, you can recommend and hire the best TV Professionals. You can hire better experts based on the popularity of your company. You will need to grow your company to become more successful in hiring and own famous and professional actors. With professional actors, you can collaborate with them and produce interesting and quality products.

TV Empire Tycoon +++


TV Empire Tycoon – Idle Management Game uses 2D graphics to model a large Empire TV easily. With eye-catching and cute graphics, this game is very suitable for all ages and mobile phone users. This game requires a basic configuration, which you can download on most mobile phones these days. Makes this game one of the most accessible games for most players.

TV Empire Tycoon +++

As one of the new titles still in development, the developer is still constantly updating the game and editing it before launching its product. With special features and addictive gameplay, TV Empire Tycoon – Idle Management Game will be one of the best games in the Idle Simulation genre.
If you are looking for a simple and attractive Idle Simulation game, try to build a great TV empire. This game will be a game that you should not ignore, help you relax, and have a great and unforgettable experience.


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