Game Ultimate Fishing Simulator
Publisher PlayWay SA
Genre Simulation
Size 99M
Latest Version 2.33
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update August 4, 2019 (2 years ago)

Do you love fishing fun? Do you like to participate in large-scale sentences? Want to be dropping needles in many different locations, even in different countries? Still hesitant not to have the Ultimate Fishing Simulator on the machine and enjoy the moment of relaxation on the fishing rod, dropping his soul on the deck of the self-propelled boat, drifting along the water. If you have not already, try the Ultimate Fishing Simulator once and feel it yourself.

The game is released by PlayWay SA, this is a famous mobile game studio from Poland. Their main products are simulator games, some favourite games that you can download and play such as Car Mechanic Simulator 18, Farm Expert 2018 Mobile, Diner Mania … Like Big Fish King, Ultimate Fishing Simulator is a mobile fishing simulation game that brings gamers a happy, relaxed moment on their mobile.

12 famous fishing locations

Simulate a spontaneous fishing space, with a cruise ship’s driver for you to navigate on the water to the desired drop location, a projection screen to simulate, the water surface to flutter. There are 12 maps to choose from. They are based on real lake locations from the cities of Warsaw, Paris, Hamburg, Germany. York (USA), Ottawa (Canada), …

The Ultimate Fishing Simulator is very simple, and you can do it without needing any guidance. Notice the two rows of features designed along the sides of the screen, corresponding to the corresponding tasks such as dropping the needle, lifting the needle when the fish bite, driving your canoe move to the desired location. , and many more.

Experience the true fishing feeling

Join the Ultimate Fishing Simulator MOD fishing community, where you will have the most authentic fishing experience when you do not have time actually to fish. The game will compensate for that lack of reality and give you endless hours of experience with a host of unique features such as:

  • Choice of fishing equipment or even fishing/fishing in the list of specialized equipment. Each device has its characteristics. With each fishing tackle, you will not be able to experience the same feeling when using the previous item.
  • Be patient and discover all the devices that the system has set up in turn.
  • In addition to the long list of supplies and equipment that serve the changing needs of the Ultimate Fishing Simulator, the list of fish species can become a boon to you. A large number of different fish are modelled based on real fish and names. Feeling the need and bring back the fish with enough species, even the size is extremely large will make any hand are all deluded.
  • One feature that makes Ultimate Fishing Simulator should be selected is that in addition to the usual fish crab, there is a real fisherman. This is an experience that makes fishing more interesting. Please try again.
  • And finally, I want to emphasize the races, the actual fishing tournaments, and winning a big organized race would be the best feeling.


This version of Ultimate Fishing Simulator is only beta version so there will be some errors. One of them is the problem with the right to set up the game when you use the operating system Android 8.x. The manifestation of this problem is that in the game, the phone screen will always be black. Do not worry. Please follow the instructions to fix this error:
Go to Setup on your phone, then go to Applications, select Ultimate Fishing Simulator, set Permissions, and enable all rights. It’s done. Now download the Ultimate Fishing Simulator and enjoy your relaxing moment.


MOD Info?

You can spend as much money as you want in the game, the amount of money you have is not important, you can see from your bag after pressing the button to buy the item.