Game University Empire Tycoon

Game University Empire Tycoon
Publisher Codigames
Genre Simulation
Size 120M
Latest Version 1.0.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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University is definitely a place where everyone wants to come and complete your study here. If you have the time and the economic resources to graduate from college, a broad future awaits. So have you ever thought about becoming a rector yourself? University Empire Tycoon – Idle Management Game will introduce a full range of things you must face in this new position.


The ultimate goal of an idle game is to become rich. With this game, players must also try their best to do business based on American citizenship education needs. Although this is an education school, it still takes money to sustain growth over time. Your mission is to train elite students to improve the reputation of the school. The more students come to study, the more tuition you will earn. Besides, making students happy is also a way to increase tuition fees.


Like every other idle game, University Empire Tycoon gives players a pretty tough start. In fact, you only have a small and poor university. The total revenue is minimal. The number of students enrolled each year is not too impressive. You take on an enormous responsibility. At all costs, to make my school increasingly rich. Your reputation must also be increased more than before. The school grounds should also be enlarged. It is a wise investment to open up more training disciplines. This move will attract more students because it suits their needs. Besides, do not be too subjective and progress slowly. Basically, around you, many people are trying to build a university on their own. So, in just a minute of neglect, players can lose their leading position. Be an elite rector, successfully steer your university, and make it top 1.



There are two things you need to expand in the game as quickly as possible. First, the player needs to develop the different campuses so that it has a broader campus. Places to serve school work are most necessary. Brand new classrooms will help you accommodate many students at the same time, maximize your educational resources. Besides, other supporting rooms such as sports grounds, institutional buildings, faculty lounges, … are also needed. They will increase the satisfaction level of everyone around you. That is a good basis for advancement in the future.

Besides, you also need to hire more instructors to open more different disciplines. Students from all over will come to your school to study the subjects they want. Major subjects such as Math, Law, Literature need good teachers to attract excellent students. Besides, more special disciplines such as archeology should be opened to take advantage of the broad campus you have prepared earlier.



For students to come to study and pay high tuition fees, you must meet their needs. The higher your school, the more students will come. Rich families will also send their children here to study. Good school education will allow you to make a lot of profits. Players need to regularly consider the needs of students who are traveling around campus. They will give you quests for you to do. Just click on the icon to get that quest. You can do them for rewards and level up. School staff also have their own needs. Having fun, these people also worked vigorously and increased productivity a lot.


Though, the University Empire Tycoon is an idle game. That means the game’s money will be automatic sources of money, quickly loaded into the player’s account. However, to upgrade or unlock some things, you still have to work on your own. During the time you get everything done, the administrators will help you collect money and run the university. Save money and hire the best managers because the benefits they bring will be more in the long run. At some point, your money will be so much that you can buy whatever land you want to build a brand new university. Online competitions between universities will also take place regularly. Try to make yourself rich to qualify for these competitions.


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