Game Valleys Between
Publisher Little Lost Fox
Genre Logic
Size 66M
Latest Version 1.3.4 build 10201
MOD Info Unlocked
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Update March 10, 2020 (1 year ago)

This phase of the gaming market does not boom like the previous few months in the summer. This is quite understandable when the hot game was released and entered the initial operation phase. And shooters or hack n ‘slash is less popular at this time. This is where puzzle games become more popular. Evergarden is also a puzzle game that received initial success at this time. It guided the Valleys Between product to achieve the goals.

Build worlds, watch them grow

Valleys Between continues to be a puzzle game with a new creative mechanism. It is almost a prerequisite for a puzzle-style game to be noticed in the dominant gaming world. Little Lost Fox is from Australia where the beauty of nature is so great and so their game is the color of the place. Both the graphic design and the story content are all a natural picture with huge trees and lovely animals.


When you enter the game, you get lost in a world filled with grass, rivers, and mountains. The main map of the game will also be like a landscape painting in monochrome. Valleys Between has a fantastic puzzle mode with a map of hexes located next to each other. Your task is to balance the natural elements in the map to work as harmoniously as possible. Every step you take can affect the surrounding hexagon. Do not cause major disturbances on the map and disrupt the vegetation as well as the flow of water.

To describe the specific play of Valleys Between seems quite difficult because the mechanism of operation is almost unique in the market. Ou has a field of 5 to 5, consisting of hexagons, and you have to click on them and make the changes right on the map. You will have to dig to find the source of water, after turning the sludge into the water, the surrounding squares will begin to appear Green Grass which when put together to form a tree. From many trees, you can turn into a beautiful and green forest. The water also became a river to cool many of the creatures living there. The special thing I see is that there are some animals such as foxes that go around the forest, through the green grass that you just created.

Sum up

Graphics with beautiful 3D effects, but seemingly origami folds are placed in a monochrome 2D landscape painting. Valleys Between brings the beauty of Australia to the world through a fun puzzle game.

MOD: Money/Unlocked