Game Vikings: War of Clans

Game Vikings: War of Clans
Publisher Plarium LLC
Genre Strategy
Size 98MB
Latest Version
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Update March 3, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

Have you ever heard of the great Viking warriors? Humans were once thought to have appeared in Late Stone Age, with extraordinary powers. They are well versed in everything from farming to merchants, explorers and especially combatants. They have big boats that can cross the ocean to reach remote areas, they are as good as brutal fighting machines and never tired, their favourite is the looting and the robbery rich land. Viking stories are always full of magic and never-ending, as their journeys through new lands will never stop.

The Vikings have aroused the interest of many historians and archaeologists; is an endless source of inspiration from a wide range of works, from painting to literature, to film, and so on. And so far, there are many well-known titles that set the scene and image of the times, and the This brave Vikings are brave. One of them is the viral game of the famous game publisher Plarium LLC – Vikings: War of Clans. If you are curious about the lives of Vikings, or want to own a kingdom, a mighty army and experience the feeling of living in wars, this is the best choice for you.

Vikings warriors brave

Vikings: War of Clans begins with the choice of a leader, choosing the Viking flag and its land. Then you will start building your Viking Empire to grow stronger to take over the kingdoms of other Vikings. You will have to make yourself a palace, houses with different functions, for the production, forging weapons, developing troops, etc. In the process of developing the kingdom, you will Perform tasks to earn money to buy houses, buy equipment, increase the strength of the army and enhance your power. You will have to promote your kingdom, expanding the territory growing steadily. Then, you will lead your mighty army to the sea, go to the land of the other Viking leaders and invade them. Demonstrate yourself as a brave king, a talented military man and bring your kingdom to the final victory, dominating all other countries to showcase your leadership!

Use unique tactics

Vikings: War of Clans possesses many unique and interesting features. There are many different languages ​​for you to choose freely, helping you to grasp the game circuit more efficiently. With the fighting element of the game, you will continuously be training your tactical strength and strength when participating in fierce battles with other real players from all over the world. You will have the opportunity to become a leader of a mighty kingdom, be free to build your empire, with weapons equipped with armies able to upgrade to become stronger, and a system. Mission and victory after each battle will help your treasury become full.

Graphics and sound

With a classic colouring game, graphics with dark colours are the mainstay, making the game more appealing. The works are meticulously created to create solid feeling but also ancient. The map is precisely detailed, easy to see and understand. The sound of heroism and drama will add to the appeal of your experience.


Come to the world of Vikings: War of Clans – a world with the power and power of fists to dominate everything, become a Viking king and lead your army to invade other kingdoms. Appropriately or appropriated, the game will bring you dramatic moments and mastery of your tactical abilities and vision of the leader. And if you are an ambitious person who wants to become the world’s dominant king, Vikings: War of Clans is the place to make your dreams come true.


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