Game Vive le Roi 2
Publisher Sylvain Seccia
Genre Logic
Size 63M
Latest Version 1.0.1
MOD Info Full
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Update July 19, 2018 (3 years ago)

World history is always permeated by blood, war, and violence. The revolutions open up a new history chapter, which they leave behind are those who have sacrificed. Have you ever wanted to reverse history to change the past? The slits were dusted in May, overshadowed in the hidden corner of modern society. It’s time to unveil the truth and try to change it in the beautiful game of the publisher Sylvain Seccia: Vive le Roi 2.


The context of the game is France in the early eighties of the eighteenth century, where the bourgeois revolution took place that contributed to change the history of the world. The French bourgeois revolution was one of the most radical revolutions, transforming France from a feudal country into a bourgeoisie, opening up a period of peak development. However, that means eliminating all remnants left by the feudal regime, including the royal family. On January 16, 1793, Louis XVI, the last king of French feudalism, was convicted of treason by the new French bourgeoisie.

Platformer with graphics in the style of Limbo

When participating in the game, your character will play a loyal supporter of the royal family. The bourgeois revolutionists were about to slap Louis XVI, which meant that all the wealth and property of the royal family and nobility belonged to the bourgeoisie. As an assassin, your character is the only hope of the whole of France to prevent the execution of the king from happening and thus change the destiny of the country’s history.

In order to do that, you must help your character solve puzzles. The key to the puzzle is the crown that opens the bridge to the courthouse where the king prepares to be executed. There are a lot of soldiers who take care of the roads, and if you’re just starting to see them, they will immediately open the switch that can cause the king to be killed instantly. There are ladders that you can move to avoid the soldiers, on the move, there are switches at the bottom to help you open the secret portal to help you quickly find the crown to help open. The bridge leads to the king without disturbing the guards.

There are 36 levels where you can find the puzzle. The higher the level, the more puzzling the puzzle will be. The road is getting more and more cumbersome to the point where you’re almost helpless not knowing what the next step should be. Only a few mistakes can make the guards discover you and history will forever be unchanged. Pay attention to this.


The game is about the historical context is a robbery of the school should tone in the game is cold, deep and dark colour. All things are black, including humans, on a grey background, signifying a very dark night suitable for a raid to rescue the king. Key elements of the puzzle are clear colours such as crown or gate with blue, yellow, …

Sum up

A game with a history of profound lessons, besides, the brain is also used to find a way to rescue the king from the execution. It can be said that Vive le Roi 2 is a game that brings new and unique. And you will definitely enjoy this exciting gaming experience!