Game War Never Changes (Pocket Survivor) [MOD, Unlimited Caps]

Game War Never Changes (Pocket Survivor) [MOD, Unlimited Caps]
Publisher FlutterBeam Std.
Genre Simulation
Size 19MB
Latest Version 2.9.6d
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Update October 12, 2019 (1 year ago)

War Never Changes (Pocket Survivor) is a survival game genre set in Russia. You will begin your journey with your trusted friend, the dog named Dogmeat. The journey will be very arduous and difficult, you will encounter many obstacles on your expedition. First of all, you will have 200 caps in your pocket (cap is a call for the currency of the game), you will receive an additional 5 to 20 caps after each day you survive. In addition, you also have a temporary backpack and a shotgun. Every day goes by, your character will keep a diary of what happened that day.

You have to keep in mind the indicators that are Hitpoints, Radiation, Hunger, and Thirst. Hit points are the most important stat if this index drops to zero, your character will die, the game will end, and you have to start again. All three remaining indicators will affect Hitpoints. If your Radiation exceeds 8 points or more, your Hitpoints will be lowered if you do not use anything to lower your Radiation. Similarly with the Hunger and Thirst indexes, starting both of your indices will be at 100 points, this is their maximum limit. If at least one of these two indexes is lowered below 0 points, your Hitpoints will also be lowered gradually to improve your hunger and thirst.

Survive with Dogmeat

In order to control these 4 important indicators, you need to buy the necessary items, food, drinks, and medicine, or if you are lucky, you can get one of them on your journey. The system of items in the game is also very diverse and no less practical. You can drink plain water to lower your Thirst, but your Radiation will increase, forcing you to choose one of two solutions: freshwater or find a way to lower Radiation after drinking water. When you eat something to reduce your Hunger, your Thirst will get worse. When you use an ambulance kit to recover Hitpoints, your Thirst and Hunger will also be lowered. You always need to carefully calculate how the distribution of items used for your character in a reasonable way to preserve the Hitpoints, as well as the remaining 3 indicators.

Inspired by Fallout Shelter

On your journey, each day you will encounter different events that occur. There will be days when you encounter bandits on the way and they will want to rob all the cap you have. There are times when you will escape from them, but there are times when you will not be so lucky. You have two options: fight against them, or choose to negotiate with them. If you choose to negotiate, you will always be disadvantaged, and if you decide to fight with them, one will fall to nothing. If you fail, your Hitpoints will decrease by half. In addition to those bandits, you may also encounter many other enemies such as monsters, wild dogs, … You need to calculate so that the damage taken must be minimized and you cause the hardest damage to the enemies.

Every time you defeat an enemy, you will be rewarded with valuable prizes such as an armor, a better gun, or a bigger backpack to help you store more items. In addition to those unfortunate events, you may be lucky to meet better events. You can find an abandoned house, which may have a few useful items or a few coins. You may encounter people who are having difficulties, you can invite kindness to help them to receive the rewards. You may encounter a chest containing something in it, you have two options: break the chest or find a way to unlock it. If you break the chest too hard, the item inside will be broken. There are also peaceful days on which you will not encounter an event at all.

With super-lightweight 8-bit graphics, along with the design of landscapes with Dogmeat and the protagonist, the game gives players a variety of emotions, combined with music and effects. Sound effects are suspenseful, causing players to always think that they will not know where their journey is going. In short, “War never changes” is a survival game on the mobile platform so it is worth for everyone to try and experience.

MOD Info?

A new game begins with 100 thousand caps.

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