Game Weed Inc
Publisher Metamoki
Genre Simulation
Size 62M
Latest Version 2.62
MOD Info Unlimited Coins/Gems
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Update October 1, 2020 (5 months ago)

The world is growing and people are getting closer and closer to modern and advanced technologies. However, development means that the area of land used for agriculture is declining. To ensure the full supply of food and foodstuffs to the industrialization and automation of agriculture, a range of advanced agricultural machinery has emerged. Bumper crops, agricultural products in excellent quantity and quality produced from machinery are no longer utopian

And Weed Inc – a game for the production and sale of agricultural products line extremely attractive for those who love the plant was released by the publisher Metamoki to reproduce the great development of modern technology. Harvesting in the garden or in the fields is a long time, and this is an era where all we need is to use machines to make and sell products that are easy and convenient.

When the farm is associated with business

At the start of the game, you will be offered a free store for a crop. And you will have three proceeds to bring processed agricultural products to market for sale. First, you have to put the plants in a fixed location, after a while they will quickly produce the product, and initially, you will need two employees to harvest them. Once harvested and the product passes through a conveyor belt into a box, staff will conduct the collection and deliver it to the processing machine. An operator of the processing machine will process and pack the product, then they will follow the tape that is taken to the store. Here, an employee will be in charge of selling and earning money.

Try to generate income

You will have a lot of tasks to complete. Firstly, you need to constantly upgrade to get as many workers as possible to collect agricultural products and the number of agricultural products that are increasing. Second, you must make sure the machine is fast enough and can be processed and then bottled more agricultural products. And third, you have to push as fast as possible to open as many types of crops and open more new land to make your products more marketable. The more products you create, the more money you will earn.

The dollar amount will help you upgrade your machines and buy more workers to make your work progress faster. After completing a quota, you will receive a reward box to open up diamonds and gold, even new plants. Once you have successfully upgraded a production line, you can also earn gold. What are the diamonds and gold used for? They will be used for buying new crop varieties. And your store will grow with a creasing number of cultivars and hard working people. Upgrading managers is also critical, which will speed up the quality of your work and you will never have to worry about the slow progress that can lead to insufficient funds to upgrade your store.


Game design style is quite simple, not sophisticated and easy to see. The characters in the game are animated, and the cultivated variety of plants is quite clear. The upgraded areas are also quite clear and easy to understand, making it easier for players to control. The sound is soothing and lively that it makes you feel more comfortable playing.

Weed Inc MOD is an interesting and exciting game. The game is suitable for young people who are interested in technology and make money. The game can also be used to relieve stress after a stressful day. However, with the cartoon design and bright content, parents can also give the kids in the house without fear of disturbing them. Please download the game and experience it!