Game Westland Survival

Game Westland Survival
Publisher Helio ltd
Genre Action, Adventure
Size 198M
Latest Version 1.4.1
MOD Info VIP/Free Craft
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Update February 19, 2021 (3 weeks ago)

The search for a game for entertainment purposes is currently not available because there are so many game platforms that cater to that hurdle. But to find a game that is both entertaining and brings many different experiences and emotions is not easy. Therefore, Westland Survival – Be a survivor in the Wild West appears, bringing many exciting and great things for players. This is a beautiful and dramatic action game, helping players to have real experiences on the game extremely interesting. Besides, a good story is also one of the things that makes this game always receive enthusiastic love and support from all players. Let’s experience and explore this game together.

Westland Survival (MOD, VIP/Free Craft)

Explore the game

When you download the game, the first thing that makes you impressed with Westland Survival – Be a survivor in the Wild West is that the game’s interface is oddly beautiful and appealing to players. When you look at its interface, you seem to want to play right away. The plot of the game revolves around the main character is a cowboy. He must survive in the wild West full of debris, thereby becoming a proud legal authority. Players will discover new things, such as discovering the fun life of the rangers at Lone Star. Besides, you also have to fight with fierce and sinful bandits. They were conducting purchases and transactions directly with the indigenous people here. Players will also participate in devastating battles in Mexico. It can be said that this is the most beautiful survival game ever, bringing players from one to the most sublime emotions, going from surprise to surprise. The above are just typical descriptions of this game; many exciting things are waiting for players when they start to experience it.

Westland Survival (MOD, VIP/Free Craft)

Outstanding features of the game

When entering the game Westland Survival – Be a survivor in the Wild West, you will transform into the main character, perform the assigned tasks, complete it in the best way and ensure the long-term survival of yourself. The first thing players need to do is build themselves a reliable and unstable Wild West farm. The purpose of farm building is to fight plunder and attack by enemies. Protect your life as well as precious items. We will bring players the best weapons such as pistols, rifles. It would help if you used these guns to deal with gangsters. The thugs in this game are incredibly aggressive and smart so that players also need to be alert to make the best decisions. That way, it is easy to survive in this world of traps and dangers.

Westland Survival (MOD, VIP/Free Craft)

Besides the fierce fighting moments to protect the barracks, players will also conduct logging and mines, hunting deer. The aim is to find food and ingredients to grow your barracks. The game also has many other features; especially, you can easily create new equipment and new items to serve your survival and battle. Players should also look for wild animals, tame them to serve their main purpose. Besides, raising your horse is also a good method to help you entertain and enhance combat. Each stage will have hundreds of different missions, and each assignment is an exciting challenge. Each time you pass that challenge, the player will receive valuable experience and items. On the game’s map, places containing treasures will be carefully marked. Your mission is to find them and discover all the treasures places. Another interesting feature in this game is that you can challenge any other cowboy, fighting with them to find the strongest.

Westland Survival (MOD, VIP/Free Craft)

Interesting things about the game

Let’s start the adventure with the game Westland Survival – Be a survivor in the Wild West to discover new things. In this wild West, there are always inhumane people, and there are always outlaws. Typically, the police chief will be willing to sell the bravest people in exchange for a small amount of money. It is truly an unacceptable inhumane act. Countless new things are waiting for brave cowboys to discover. In remote borders, there have been pioneers to explore new lands. Other famous places such as Yukon and Klondike have also been carved out by bounty hunters searching for gold mines in those places.

Westland Survival (MOD, VIP/Free Craft)

Besides, the vast desert plains in Mexico and Texas also appear fierce thugs. The players can experience living in arid deserts and full of death. Here is not heaven but real hell on earth. Players need to find a way to survive in these extreme conditions. Bandits will suddenly ambush you, and you are the only survivor on your convoy. Please stand up, show your bravery, make them die at your feet. In this game, players will participate in craftsmanship. The essence of this is your overnight shelter, and this place is always a safe place to help you escape from violent bandits, continue to survive, and survive. Wood is a practical material for bow and arrow. Take advantage of that to create the most dangerous bows. At the same time, players should also exploit ore to trade with the Indians. The cheerful, friendly Indians will help you hunt deer and cook delicious and nutritious steak.

Westland Survival (MOD, VIP/Free Craft)

Characteristics that need attention

Players will not have any survival rules in the game Westland Survival – Be a survivor in the Wild West. This is really a difficult challenge for you; you need to show your bravery to overcome it. The player’s story in the main character will last forever throughout this entire adventure process. PVE and PVP game modes are the two most popular modes today, giving players the best quality experiences. This is a world-scale optical game, so the number of participants is huge. The quality of the player also increases, the competition in the game is also greatly enhanced. This game’s prerequisite is your survival; you need to survive during the game to complete all missions.

From now on, embark on an adventure journey in the Westland Survival game – Be a survivor in the Wild West. Show all your skills, entertain yourself with this beautiful game. Come to the game to have moments of effective stress relief that this game brings. Become a true cowboy hero, and fight the evil forces of the world.


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