Game Wild Beyond

Game Wild Beyond
Publisher Strange Sevens
Genre Strategy
Size 87MB
Latest Version 1.80
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Update September 15, 2019 (1 year ago)

Wild Beyond – Extra-terrestrial wars are always considered a remarkable topic to come up with hypotheses that people find interesting. The simple reason is that it does not exist. Everything is fictitious, so it goes beyond ordinary physics or reaches the imagination of humanity about the mysterious space around. Best known for this topic, we can see how the Star Wars franchise has had a major impact on the entertainment industry around the world. In the game industry, Phantasy Star products have also existed and active more than 30 years in the space battle.

Therefore, the theme of the battles took place outside the space is exploited quite successfully and continuously. Until this year, there are some outstanding products like Wild Beyond. This is a game created for RTS and CCG enthusiasts. The Beyond can be rescued and live in peace or not depending on your fighting skills and courage.

Fight & Save the Galaxy!

Players will have to participate in a fierce battle between the forces in the galaxy to protect The Beyond. Famous criminals throughout the universe will constantly harass and use their power to occupy this land. With cards, you will have to summon a powerful army to fight off foreign enemies. The Beyond is a well-known place for talented generals; their reputation is echoing everywhere. Players will have to find a way to collect all these gifted people and gather them into a team. In real situations of the game, after fighting an enemy and winning will randomly fall out a few cards. Collect enough pieces to unlock a character with unique strengths and skills. And when you want to go to the battle is forced to have a complete army, not just separate heroes. Therefore, you will spend a lot of time gathering your team and upgrading them to fit the style of fighting.

Will you ensure your dominance?

The battles are harrowing and make you feel pressure. Another major drawback of other games is that it limits the playing time to explore insufficiently calm. Wild Beyond brings an endless battle of time that means you will use your team to fight the enemy until you win, lose. So, make the right tactics to regulate the pace of the game. The first battle will force you to fight PvE. Monsters and bosses will gradually increase the difficulty to challenge you and train your fighting skills and style. At higher levels, you will be placed in a PvP waiting queue to fight with other players around the world. Also strong cards Will be unlocked gradually on your battle journey.


Players can purchase Elite Pack, Starter Pack, Campaign Pack to get the favor in the game. For example, you can level up faster, get more bonuses, unlock all characters and lots more. However, with the highest price up to $ 9.99, many casual gamers can not unlock. You do not need to worry about this much. In fact, this is a true tactical game. Win or lose depends on your style of play.

Animated 3D graphics

Inspired by the Clash of Clan and other strategy games of the same genre, Wild Beyond has a fun 3D graphics, animated cartoon character designed to make players feel less stressed. At the same time, animated graphics when combined with the majestic music will create a very different atmosphere. Strange Sevens will publish the game for Android platform on the December. iOS version available, you can download free on the store app App Store


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