Game Wild Park Manager

Game Wild Park Manager
Publisher Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
Genre Simulation
Size 42M
Latest Version 1.1.5
MOD Info medal/money
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Update July 20, 2018 (3 years ago)

The park is a fun place to be loved by so many children. But you never have to own a wildlife park, where there are not only squares, playgrounds but also a lot of flora and fauna and more. Come to Wild Park Manager to make that dream come true. This is an extremely well-known game with many unique features that will surely bring players a lot of fun and exciting experience. So how to play? To know this, please check out the article below.

Kairosoft is a mobile game publisher from Japan, whose popular products include Dream House Days, High Sea Saga, Dream Town Story, and more. Although only available in 8-bit graphics classic, thanks to the unique play, the game of Kairosoft is a lot of people love.

Design the park as you like

When you participate in the game, you will design your own park as you want in your style. There are many devices and facilities needed to help you accomplish that task. You can build amusement parks, squares, or animal care areas, food items and more. In addition to the design and construction of the park, management is also a necessity, not only to ensure the operation of the park but also to attract more visitors. This is an extraordinary and unique park, so it is not only for humans but also for loving creatures. To attract more animals to the park, you need to plant more trees and bushes as well as add other essentials so they can survive right here. Then, your park will become exciting and exciting with many different creatures.


Speaking of building parks, I remember Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp by the famous Nintendo publisher. You will be the owner of a large campsite; your mission is to develop that camp to attract more people to visit. Unlike Wild Park Manager, this game has perfect 3D graphics; the animals are drawn pretty and lovely. Try it out if you have time. We will now return to Wild Park Manager.

Interesting challenges

Especially in the game, you can also experience a lot of challenges and exciting and unique again. You can participate in hatching to create many different bird species. Let’s try to see how well you are. Your visitors also get involved in fishing games offline. Take a look at and reward the visitor with the most fish. Wow! Is that a fun and engaging game? Besides the unique content, its graphic design is equally attractive with a combination of sound and image and create lovely characters. If you love this game and would like to participate, feel free to click on the link below.

8-bit graphics classic

As I said before, 8-bit graphics are not a weakness of the Wild Park Manager MOD. Even so, publishers have exploited this graphics platform very well to put into their products. Thanks to its fun-to-play style, simple character controls and 8-bit graphics, players will feel more fun and more comfortable than modern 3D graphics.

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