Game WorkeMon

Game WorkeMon
Publisher QuickTurtle Co.
Genre RPG
Size 50M
Latest Version 1.0.30
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update January 26, 2021 (2 months ago)

WorkeMon is a business simulation game in a new and mysterious world, this world is not normal, it is also the place where WorkeMon creatures live. This world is built similar to our real life, but instead of players experiencing an unusual business empire, this game will open a new path for players to experience. Players will become one of the eight children of a celebrity who owns a powerful corporation called Golden Scoop.

According to the plot, the player must become the heir of this group, but the path of succession is not easy when it always appears who is in the way that makes it difficult for players. To become a successor, players need to defeat other siblings or collect all 151 WorkeMons from around the world.

WorkeMon (MOD, Unlimited  Money) ***

Enjoy your rich life in the fantastic WorkeMon world!

The gameplay of WorkeMon is unique and novel, far removed from other monster collecting games. The WorkeMon in this world have many roles in human life, it can also replace people and do many different types of jobs. In the adventure of collecting all the WorkeMons, players can also use them to fight or become employees for their corporation. The gameplay will be a perfect combination of different elements, and that makes the player confused in many ways.

Of course, this game will have a manual that guides players in many different fields, whether fighting or business, the manual will have it all and bring a new experience to the player. If you are looking for a new game to relax on holidays, then this game will be an appropriate choice, because its whole gameplay can reach over thousands of hours of play.

WorkeMon (MOD, Unlimited  Money) ***

Catching all 151 WorkeMons

In this game, players will experience many different things, when starting the game, the player will have to choose one of the three starting spirits. The player will accompany the spirit and begin collecting other spirits. The gathering process must take place through combat, the combat is turn-based, just like other monster collecting games on Google Play. Players will have to use logical steps to win the opponent quickly.

The player will encounter random spirits along the way, the level and system of spirits will be based on their living environment. That means the spirits are divided into different categories, and they are scattered all over the world of “WorkeMon”. Players can go around collecting them or embark on business management.

WorkeMon (MOD, Unlimited  Money) ***


If the player collects too many spirits and doesn’t know what to do with them, throw them at the company and make them work. This game also has a business simulation element, so players will develop their company with the spirits they have collected. The player’s company has many vacancies, the company’s productivity depends on many different factors. Factors such as the number of employees, the quality of employees, and the level of investment, players must balance everything to make sure their company operates stably. Moreover, the game also has features that allow players to decorate and change the look of the company and make it bring a new beauty based on its own style.

WorkeMon (MOD, Unlimited  Money) ***

This game also has a lot to explore, and you also have a lot to do, like traveling around the world or running a company. However, players still can not forget the main task, which is to become the successor of the Golden Scoop Group and become a talented trainer.


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