Game World Chef

Game World Chef
Publisher Socialpoint
Genre Simulation
Size 77M
Latest Version 2.7.4
MOD Info Instant Cook/Unlimited Storage
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Cooking has long been one of the cultures of many different regions for people to explore. Almost all countries around the world have their own culinary culture so that people can explore them. Nowadays, people’s lives have become much better; they have more ability to experience food. If it goes back to the past, people ate not to enjoy that dish but to survive and work. But nowadays there are many luxurious restaurants open for people to explore the deliciousness of food.

The people who make those dishes are the chefs; they make the dishes that cater to their customers. So who wants to be a cook here? If, in reality, to become a chef, besides being gifted, you need to spend a lot of time practicing. But when players come to the game world, and especially the World Chef game, the player will become a talented chef. The player’s dream of becoming a chef will come true when coming to this game to experience. When the player came to this game, the dream was not just a dream anymore; now, it has come true.

Do you like exotic food?

Players coming to the game will become a young chef to experience the game. When he was a child, he lived in his grandfather’s small restaurant, the one who inspired him to become a chef. As an adult, he left this place to start his own chef’s life. But one day, he received the news that his grandfather was dead, so he had to return to inherit his small restaurant. When his grandfather passed away, an old friend of his grandfather told him that he would help him to build the restaurant. His friend, a retired chef, decided to help him to create a new restaurant to inherit his grandfather. So, where does this go? Will you be able to operate this restaurant? It all depends on the player, come to the game to experience the fun of the game.

Processing dishes to serve customers

If it is already a restaurant, the most important thing is to serve customers with the dishes they require to satisfy customers. Whenever a customer comes to the restaurant, they will request one or more different dishes to be able to enjoy. And the task of the player now is to cook that dish to serve customers. But to do that, players need to go through a lot of steps to be able to complete their work. First of all, players need to go to the store to buy the necessary materials, prepare the required equipment, and do many other things. When the dish has been completed, it will be brought to the waiter by the waiter. If the customer is satisfied with the food, the player will receive money and tips to be able to do many other things.

Building your restaurant

When a player has just started the game, the player’s restaurant is only at a small level. In this era, you have not received any stars to be able to honor the player’s restaurant. So players must continuously work and try to expand the scale of the restaurant. When players make a lot of money, players can improve the quality of food. Buy more new furniture and lots of other things. But that is not easy to complete as in many similar games. When in other titles, the player is the only restaurant in this area so it can quickly grow. But this time it did not, players will have to compete with many other opponents to achieve success. Players must continuously strive to improve to receive more stars for their restaurant.

The rhythm is slow but no less attractive

In this game, the tempo of the game is not too fast; this is a luxurious restaurant rather than a fast-food restaurant, so there is nothing to hurry. Customers who come here will spend more time waiting for their food. But everything simply when the player’s restaurant has not developed yet, as things have grown, players need to work quickly to be able to serve the entire customer.

At this point, players must work harder to be able to cook for a large number of customers who are waiting. At this time, players can hire more chefs to cook faster. When there are more chefs, the player’s restaurant will have a much more diverse menu. Meanwhile, players can serve more dishes to be able to cater to the many needs of customers.


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