Game World of Microbes: Spore Evol

Game World of Microbes: Spore Evol
Publisher Criss Cross Games
Genre Action
Size 106M
Latest Version 0.2.13
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Unlocked
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OS Android Games

There are quite a few different types of games with different graphics and play features on the game market today. Hot games that are loved by young people always have their own highlights and colors—the entertainment when playing games is the intention that the founders aim for. The founders of the games will invest their own ideas with different purposes. World of Microbes: Spore Evol is one of the games that founders focus on entertainment instead of action or challenge games. This game promises to be the hottest entertaining game available today.

The presence of this game will entertain stressful working hours. The game is not too difficult, not too challenging for players. The colors are also quite beautiful; the top-notch graphics and exciting shapes will be the game’s turning point to become a hot game today. Players always have their own requirements for each different game. But only entertaining games will be given requirements such as colors, shapes. Shaping bacteria with a glowing blue color is an intelligent shaping from the founder. These are the distinct points that distinguish the game from other games. Let’s experience it with friends and family after hard working days.


World of Microbes: Spore Evol is highly rated by users for entertainment. A bacterium uses its needle to attack enemies, other bacteria it encounters. Food samples are items that bacteria pick up on their way. The color of the game is light blue, quite eye-catching. The color game brings a good feeling for players to experience. The game graphics are also quite good with simplicity, not too fussy but still very attractive to players. Graphics have always been the strength of games, no matter what they are. Entertaining games, action games, or intellectual games.

Each game will have its own unique graphics and features that bring specialties to each game. This game, too, the graphics bring a plus point to the game because of its simplicity but not monotonous. This is the level of game programmers. There is no need to be too fussy, complicated, but still bring its own characteristics and bring hotness to the game, all of which combine to make a game popular with young people is not easy. The simple things, but when combined, make the difference and the hotness for the game. Great programmers have done it, admiringly.


The gameplay is quite simple, and we just need to pick up the items encountered and destroy the enemies met on the move. The story will be straightforward when the player is aggressive, but if the player ignores destroying the enemy, it will be destroyed by the enemy. We will be attaching any organ anywhere on the bacteria we want. The bacteria can also change shape and color. That’s interesting, right? Being able to change the color of the bacteria will bring a sense of excitement to the player. Changing the shape also makes us enjoy and enjoy gaming more. Every feature that makes the game interesting is always color and shape. Prove that this is a genuine entertainment game that the founder wants to bring to players’ entertainment, instead of challenging rounds and tricky rounds. After stressful working hours, World of Microbes: Spore Evol will be the optimal choice and the player’s priority. Download games and entertainment now.


Upgrading the game will make the functions be upgraded and have new features, surpassing the old ones. Newly attached body organs improve vision and have more powerful functions that help kill other bacteria. Complete missions and get new parts combined with functions that players love. Outstanding features are always the advantages that players love. Creating awesome bacteria and being king in this underwater world is the player’s goal. Features and graphics are the main content of each game, so it is easy to understand when investing. Players play the game and acknowledge the founder’s efforts.


The game is invested with beautiful graphics, and the graphics are the soul of the game, so the graphics investment will bring plus points to the game and be highly appreciated by players. Eye-catching but straightforward colors make the game special. If you feel bored, the game experience will bring a great, new feeling for players. Avoiding the feeling of boredom and being entertained is nothing like, let your friends download games and have fun with World of Microbes: Spore Evol.


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