Game X-Plane Flight Simulator

Game X-Plane Flight Simulator
Publisher Laminar Research
Genre Simulation
Size 700M
Latest Version 11.6.5
MOD Info All Unlocked
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File March 12, 2021 (2 days ago)

The realistic simulation game genre has always been the game with top-notch 3D graphics, building detailed worlds, and applying various physics mechanisms, making gameplay experience as realistic as possible. Furthermore, the player will have the opportunity to learn how to interact with any object, such as vehicles, tools, processes, etc. There are countless simulation games available for all platforms, and even mobile platforms for players to enjoy anytime, anywhere. OU7_rJ6hunP6yuzCqKeceX6UgaUMnSOiUEJoPnByE8bYT-1jFwOEVySsohi1gxBRNLI=w1000 (1000×562) In this article, I will introduce you to a pilot simulation game that allows you to fly a multitude of aircraft and admire the beauty of the world from the perspective of a pilot. The X-Plane Flight Simulator developed for mobile; though inferior to other platforms, this game promises to give players the most authentic experience of a pilot. fwcDMYA9JpKfOh25cGqE_EmCZ8k0A44e9X_B50dqu6XwN13Nug2yzXwYJdeCDGk6OyPo=w1000 (1000×562)


X-Plane is a super realistic simulation game that includes everything like the operating mechanism, take-off procedures, landing procedures, and even customer care. But what makes the game stand out is the super realistic 3D graphics, the ability to build the terrain perfectly, and even the perfect performance optimization for the game to run on most devices. Although the world is designed in an open-world, thanks to the graphics, the player has countless opportunities to explore the environment, the world, and even famous places. Not only the graphics, but the ability to build the environment is also perfect, such as weather factors, day and night, physical mechanisms, etc. The graphics engine of this game is highly appreciated by other players, as it brings a lot of authentic experience through the perspective of a pilot. 2FH4j4PT0IINnd8tHBUcQXd85xywmmnFyFkB6bnG7wb-N0i1wP7n2Kvi61cRsAqQRJM=w1000 (1000×562)


The core of X-Plane is for players to experience a pilot’s work, including how to interact with other passengers, operate aircraft, and complete job perfectly. Therefore, the game will focus on moving around the world by plane, allowing players to customize planes, and even living a pilot’s life. Not only that, but players will also have the opportunity to admire the beauty of nature, including 3D-built cities and weather effects at different heights. The game will build all the real details, such as cockpits, cities, famous buildings, and more to make the game as realistic as possible. jYOlwf5lttszLf2eWhfZmEJhSiFnfUt-e60pwAzsJijl2MepWqNidaEmZHX6DXrmdg=w1000 (1000×562)


If you have ever tried other flying games, this game will be a new surprise for you, as it has a proper operating procedure according to each plane’s standard. Everything related to the operation of an aircraft has to be done manually, like navigating the ground, starting the engine, adjusting performance, taking off, and balancing in the air. There are many different processes that players need to be familiar with, and the game features a detailed instructional course with every aircraft in this game. Of course, the game also has a complicated console design, showing almost all the aircraft’s operating functions, even a real way for players to experience the work of a pilot. ny-2x5TFButp56IzDOezDDIvdvxBrYkcHzE_DX-75hDpc3nJnyyTPPRoHAgQUjA-QqE=w1000 (1000×562)


X-Plane is a flight simulation game, which includes not just an airplane, but also many other aircraft that players often see in the airport hangar. Of course, each aircraft will have a separate control mechanism, and players can access the instructional course anytime, anywhere, to experience flying all aircraft. What’s even better is that players can customize these planes, like performance upgrades, appearance changes, interior design, and countless other features to upgrade. The game will build everything perfectly thanks to its engine, to help players comfortable with any aircraft they own. edqKrRPMQEngDE_Dev67YGQin1tg_QbGr6hUioc_KykZgQDUYyRswF07o3tL03S3yok=w1000 (1000×562)


Operating an aircraft requires the pilot to be carefully trained, always grasping everything around the plane to avoid an accident. But that factor becomes more superficial in this game thanks to many different angles when controlling the aircraft. Yes, players can operate the aircraft through many different perspectives, such as overview, first-person view, top-down, etc. Each angle will have a separate user to help users easily control the aircraft. Of course, the first person view is the highlight, as players enjoy all the interiors designed inside the pilot’s cockpit. qrEm0_ELGU8JnI3r1JAigzqR5MLFjtJbOi5kmvd1diMpqSWg5kVO45xxl7qW8fI40A=w1000 (1000×562)


X-Plane is not only a flight simulation game but also a community for pilots to make friendly flights together. It also has a lot to entertain players like special events for pilots and the option to customize each plane. This game only has a certain server, and everyone will appear everywhere, so players can create clubs for pilots to do events together. Gn5S72yguOvXTPLSF3OzBst4edJ4jVu_Rt3F9fw_WAKa7CYe0s5lxOYFuwFOBHDZXGoD=w1000 (1000×562) X-Plane is currently considered one of the most potential simulation games, as it perfectly optimizes, realistic graphics, vivid controls, and many improvements. And, if you are someone who wants to experience the work of a pilot, this game will create the most authentic environment possible for you.


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