Game Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel

Game Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel
Publisher U-Play Online
Genre Simulation
Size 450M
Latest Version 1.6.2 b310565
MOD Info Free Shopping/Points/All Open
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Update August 20, 2020 (7 months ago)

YouTube is making one of the most used video platforms right now. You can follow whatever content you want on YouTube. Even current news channels have been posted to this platform already. Because of the popularity and profound effects of this application on life, it also creates many new jobs. And most typical is that YouTuber career is a trend. You can see when everyone around you can become a YouTuber such as active young people, funny families, or even the elderly who are talented at cooking, …

Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel is a simulation game that recreates the lives of today’s YouTubers. If you can become a rich person in this game or not? The game will operate under the mechanism of the idle genre, allowing players to earn a lot of money quickly. As long as you get into the game, creativity must be emphasized. Your work should be unique compared to what your friends can do.

A completely new fashion channel added

Let me describe a little bit about how these channels work. The game will allow you to become a YouTuber in a certain way. That means you will choose a topic for yourself and then have to follow this path until you have achieved the success you want. The game will offer lots of different channels for you to choose from from the very beginning. In the last update, you can get the support of the fashion channel where players will become professional fashion designers. Actually, it is not really expert, but your channel will have to bring out the most accurate knowledge of fashion for viewers. If it is useful and makes people feel interesting, then you will surely achieve success with this YouTube channel.

Starting the game is closely related to the following properties

When you start the game, you can already design for yourself a look. The game will offer a lot of several features for you to choose from and express your identity. You can select the details on the face, then choose your hairstyle, beard style, hat, glasses, … All of them will never be unlocked for free, but sometimes there are still some that you will have to spend time and money on.

How to Express Yourself in Different Channels

With this new fashion Channel update, players can now create their own sets. The beautiful outfits designed by you must keep up with the trends of the times and make many viewers feel excited. Of course, you have to wear them on top of you as an example. Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel will light you up with seven different styles so you can conquer them. These themes are incredibly trendy and require the player to have a bit of a fashion aesthetic and the ability to edit attractive videos. Once you have entered the fashion industry, then you will be like a real celebrity. What’s even more interesting is that while you are playing here, you have to plan each season differently. One for each season will have a trendy fashion and suit the weather. If your videos are successful and you yourself have a good sales counter, do a workshop.

Instructions on how to play basic of Youtubers Life

This is an idle game but does not let your players have any comfortable time at all. Because it simulates the severity of the Youtube market right now, if you are late and do not catch up on information in time, you will definitely get a loss. First, when entering the game, you will be designing your own character with many different features given.

After you have designed your character, you will have to choose their personality. Will you become an active person, know how to create YouTube videos that reach millions of views? Or you could become a money enthusiast. Sometimes you are a good learner and have relevant content for learning. Then you will start to do things related to the content you are about to build. For example, if you build a Channel about the game, you will have to play the game and record your matches. If you work in fashion, you must design the clothes. If you work in cooking, of course, you have to go to the market and make unique dishes. A lot of different content will appear for you to work comfortably.

Ready to be a second PewDiePie? Download this game for free now and create your own youtube channel.


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