Game YuME II: Alice’s Adventures

Game YuME II: Alice’s Adventures
Publisher NetEase
Genre Adventure
Size 457 MB
Latest Version 1.8.0
OS Android Games

YuME II: Alice’s Adventures – What can a young girl do in a world filled with dangers? Certainly, if she does not have the special ability, she must have the great intelligence to survive. The story is about a little man, in the midst of the war of the gods. With his intelligence, YuME will discover all the hidden things in the myths that no one has ever known.

NetEase Games has achieved success with the first part of the series and this year they continue to release its second installment. The adventures are integrated elements of myths, become more magical. Besides, the new graphics features along with the stunning scenery are also good characteristics. For only $ 1.99 and a mid-range iOS smartphone, you can enjoy YuME II: Alice’s Adventures. With high graphics, the game is also quite large. Prepare yourself about 500MB of free memory to get the most out of your game.

The story

“Yggdrasil” is a goddess of the world in Nordic mythology. It is believed to be the source, bridge, and source of The Nine Realms. But in the legend of NetEase’s YuME series, it was nourished by magic light. Once it has grown large enough it starts dividing into four smaller worlds. The places where the gods reach out are rich and prosperous.

However, light is always associated with darkness. While the magic light nourishes the goddess, the dark magic gradually makes it rotten. Little Alice awakens in the darkness that is spreading all over the world and causes Yggdrasil to die. A little girl with her intelligence will have to save the world tree from extinction.

AR Puzzle & Fantasy Adventure

Players will not have to engage in a fierce battle. But that does not mean that it is boring but that it requires a certain amount of intelligence. Players need to use their inferences to solve the most difficult puzzle. This is a puzzle game with immersive controls that make it attractive and active. Players will be instructed on the initial actions but then will have to decide everything themselves. You will have to move to a big world and catch up on small clues that lead to the story behind myths.

YuME II: Alice’s Adventures also adopts the AR gameplay mechanism that makes the player experience with it more realistic. Full 3D graphics with bright colors also make it suitable for many ages anymore.


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