Game Zombie Hunter Sniper: Apocalypse

Game Zombie Hunter Sniper: Apocalypse
Publisher Genera Games
Genre Action
Size 60M
Latest Version 3.0.29
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
OS Android Games

Zombie has always been the subject used by movie and game studios as one of the biggest bait because of the horror and somewhat violent elements. They are often defined as a virus strain that causes humans to die and turn into another form of a creature with the disgusting appearance and wobbly gait. The main goal is to eat human beings (sometimes the brain) of all the more frightening, living creatures, this virus is so scary that even if there is no heart, no liver, no intestines, just head with brains and sharp teeth, they can still devastate and continue to spread the disease, which brings obsession to humanity. Thus, killing Zombie is an urgent choice to protect the last civilization. And the game we would like to introduce to you in this article is Zombie Hunter Sniper. Developed by the publisher Genera Games on the phone platform, Zombie Hunter Sniper is really one of the few survival action FPS games with many rare horror elements that promise to bring Players to feel a sense of satisfaction and equally dramatic.


In Zombie Hunter Sniper, you will enter an era of human extermination when a virus pandemic has spread around the world, people begin to die and mutate in a strange and dangerous way. They are always on the move to find the living creatures and spread fear to the survivors, and these zombies cannot be killed immediately unless the brain is destroyed. Humanity is in danger, and you – a hunter with extensive experience in the use of weapons of all kinds, is urgently needed for help. From here, you will have to use your superior sniping skills to destroy the Zombie army through different locations. Don’t be subjective because while you are searching there maybe hundreds of thousands of people who have started transforming. The world is vast, can you single-handedly survive the dark days? The answer is none other than yourself to find out for yourself.

Gameplay and Features

It can be said that Zombie Hunter Sniper has very straightforward gameplay. Like other FPS games, you will have to use all the weapons you have or buy from the money you earn through the game screen to destroy all targets in sight. Go along with the appeal of the game is quite multi-choose and diverse weapons system. Not only has the sniper gun as the title of the game, but the game is also equipped with all kinds of rifles, machine guns, pistols and even cannons like Bazooka,… and Zombie Hunter Sniper also gives allows you to upgrade your weapons to increase the power of accuracy. The remaining things you need to do is to react quickly and accurately target all the oncoming Zombie. Otherwise, you will be harder to control.

The later the number increases, the more one loose, the less the chance the survivors will shorten, hone your shooting skills to face the storm of zombies is coming. At this point, maybe a part of the player will find it quite simple, but according to the information, I gathered. If you play long enough, the number of Zombies will be crowded and fast enough that you will feel suffocated and confused. Because the bullets failed to protect the victim in time. However, Zombie east does not mean that you do not have a solution. In the bottom right corner of the screen, “Genera Games” also gives you other help rights, including freezing time, increasing energy to support in case you can not kill the undead. oOf course, this function is only valid for a certain period of time. In addition, with offline mode supporting dozens of exciting missions, rich maps and not boring through different levels of play: going through infected cities, abandoned amusement parks, deserts, dead ports, the Arctic and more; You will not need to wait until you connect to the internet to be able to experience this game.

Graphics and Sound

Although designed on the basis of 3D graphics, but this is still not an excellent point from this game company. The details of the objects such as buildings and trees are well constructed, but to say that the level of detail is comparable to the hit FPS games available on the phone at this time words unconvincing. But if you are an easy-going player, I guarantee this point will not affect the quality of the game. On the other hand, the moving details in Zombie Hunter Sniper are shown quite well when the zombie’s gait is depicted quite smoothly and actively (at least most similar to the pace of a zombie). As for the sound array is different, the sound quality of the gun, as well as the Zombie’s voice, is lovely. They are not distorted or distorted; all the details are made clear, making the overall game more genuine and charismatic.

After all, if you are a player who is not too fastidious in terms of image and has a passion for FPS action games under this monstrous theme, “Zombie Hunter Sniper” is a perfect fit. And whether the game is right for you or not, try downloading immediately and experience, you will surely have the answer right away.


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