Have you tried the original sweet and sour crispy tofu? Sweet and sour and slightly spicy, it is a family favorite

Have you tried sweet and sour crispy tofu? Sweet and sour, the whole family’s favorite “Food Poetry” sugar as nectar and nectar, vinegar rain turns into snow-white aroma, fresh and sweet as honey, invigorating the spleen and cooling, skin and bones grow from the lungs and liver, cardamom tip Quan, the life of Furu is too sour. ——Tibetan Poetry-The No. 1 Gourmet Residence

In the category of home cooking,

There must be countless flavors made with tofu. Although the types of tofu may be slightly different, the taste made from tofu is uniform, tender and nutritious. In fact, for the author, because tofu itself is a bland and tasteless food style, if you use it as a cooking material, it is easy to “involve” the taste of other ingredients, but tofu is based on the “noble and inaction” cooking concept. No matter how “dominant” the taste of the ingredients is, it can easily show its beauty in the ingredients.

And the crispy sweet and sour tofu shared today,

Even if tofu is the only protagonist this time, it is still difficult to tell the characteristics of the taste. But that doesn’t mean it’s not tasty. Even according to the opinion of the author’s family, it is even more delicious than real sweet and sour food. If you are also interested in this delicacy today, let’s see how it is cooked.

[Gourmet name]: fresh sweet and sour tofu

[Materials for preparation]: 350 grams of old tofu, three green peppers and three red peppers each, three spoons of tomato sauce, one spoon of white vinegar, 6 grams of sugar, 1 gram of salt, and 10 ml of water starch.

Step 1: Cut the prepared old tofu into small pieces of 1.5 cm square; cut the green and red peppers into pieces with a diagonal knife for later use.

Step 2: Prepare a small bowl, add white vinegar, tomato paste, sugar, salt, and 15ml of water in turn, stir well and set aside.

Step 3: Prepare a pot of 120ml cooking oil, heat it to 70% of the oil temperature, then turn down the heat to low, put the prepared old tofu in, fry until the whole body is crispy and a little burnt, take it out and check the oil.

Step 4: Add an appropriate amount of oil to the pot, pour 50% of the oil temperature into the green and red peppers and fry for a minute, then put the crispy tofu and the prepared sweet and sour seasoning into the pot and fry until cooked. After boiling for a while, turn on high heat to dry the soup properly, then pour the starch mixed with water into the pot, thicken it properly and enjoy it out of the pot.

Food goes like this:

Crispy sweet and sour tofu, since poetry is endless, fruit soup knows the sky, who is the same as pine tree? If you are also interested in this delicacy today, you can also try it at home.

So today’s food is shared here. If there is anything you don’t understand, you can also chat with the author privately. .Welcome to like, bookmark, follow and comment. See you tomorrow.


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