If you are Hanoian, or have ever set foot in, or lived in this land long enough to understand Hanoi. Then there is a very familiar image present throughout the streets, not unfamiliar, even very familiar.

Because it is so idyllic, rural, a Vietnamese village culture remains and is living strongly in the heart of the city. It is here that the sidewalk toad shops, or commonly known as sidewalk iced tea, even some cultural researchers in Hanoi also call it “Iced Tea Culture – Culture of Iced Tea”. Pavement”.
Perhaps nowhere on this S-shaped land do people like to sit on the sidewalk drinking iced tea like in Hanoi and perhaps nowhere have as many iced tea shops as here. Sitting and drinking iced tea by the roadside, sidewalk, park… seems to have become a very unique cultural routine of Hanoians. Iced tea shops appear the most, the most popular compared to all other types of shops in Hanoi. Whether it’s on the side of the road, on the sidewalk, or in the caves and alleys, the iced tea shop always attracts a lot of passersby.

Just a few plastic chairs, a small table containing a few gum, peanut candies, a few green mangoes, toads, apple plate, a pot of tea, a pitcher of ice, a thermos of hot water, a tray cups, boxes of pipe tobacco… that’s it
Not picky about the form, the space of the iced tea shop only needs a thermos, a pot of tea, a few chairs, not fussy in the way of preparation, not picky about customers, friendly and idyllic sidewalk iced tea. surprisingly simple.
Sidewalk iced tea appears from early morning until late at night. In the morning, the breakfast is still smoky, a glass of green iced tea for a sober working day. At noon, after a meal, office workers, regardless of boys and girls, young and old, always have to invite each other to sit down with a cup of iced tea and peanut candy. Then after work or at night, in meetings with friends, a rustic iced tea with a plate of tiny seeds makes the relationship more intimate.
With just a few pennies, customers can sit and drink water, chat for hours without being reminded, and even have the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the ladies and gentlemen of the shop to continue chatting in the sea. That’s why people also call these small iced tea shops with a very catchy name: sidewalk news agency.

Iced tea on the sidewalk where the beginnings of stories without beginning or end, in the sky and under the sea
Therefore, sidewalk iced tea has become a destination without an appointment for any age group. Nothing on sidewalks, street vendors, and iced teas are also present in many eateries, even luxury restaurants. Hanoians are still picky in their way of eating and living, but I don’t understand why iced tea is still so popular? People come to iced tea as a habit, sipping a cup of iced tea in the hot summer but cooling their heart, in the cold winter, sipping a cup of hot tea, enjoying the sweet taste in the mouth. , immersed in the stories “no beginning-no end”…

Each person has a reason to stick with the bar, the interesting thing is that everyone accepts it and looks to it as a hobby to entertain after stressful working days.
Not only Hanoians, tourists from far away when coming to this land of Kinh are interested in this unique popular culture. Saigon people love the simplicity but warmth of sidewalk iced tea. Foreign tourists are surprised and delighted when they see the image of civil servants in suits, full suits, still chatting passionately over cups of iced tea in busy streets.

Not only Hanoians, tourists from afar when coming to Kinh Ky are interested in this unique popular culture.
Like that, sidewalk iced tea is an indispensable part of life here, everyone accepts its presence, and always comes to it as a hobby to entertain after stressful working hours. . A very popular bar, nothing special, but it has become an indispensable part of the lives of the people of the capital. Then when you have to go far away from here, the habit of sidewalk iced tea is nostalgia and curiosity for visitors when coming to this land of thousands of years of civilization.
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