Production of salted duck eggs: the taste is delicate and salty, the yolk is sandy and oily, there is always one that suits you

Salted duck eggs are a kind of food that is loved by the public. It is a very distinctive gourmet snack. Drinking white porridge for breakfast with salted duck eggs is both light and rich in taste. The method of salted duck eggs is also very simple, and there are various methods. The following four methods have their own characteristics. Which one do you prefer?

1. Yellow mud wrapping method

1. Ingredients

Based on the calculation of pickling 100 fresh duck eggs, the required various auxiliary materials and dosage are: 600-750 grams of salt, 600-1000 grams of yellow mud, and 400-500 grams of cold boiled water.

2. Production

Dissolve salt in water, pour it into an open container coated with salted eggs, then add yellow mud and water into the container, stir while adding, and stir the muddy water into a paste. The consistency of the mud should be half submerged and half floating when the duck eggs are placed in it.

Choose fresh duck eggs, wash and dry them, put them in the slurry and roll them continuously, so that the duck eggs are evenly covered with the slurry, then pick them up one by one, transfer them to a betel for storage and pickling.

Before loading betel, you can put a layer of paper or straw soaked in salt water on the bottom of the basket. After loading, cover the duck eggs with straw sprinkled with salt water, and then store them.

It is marinated for about 1 month in spring and autumn, and then it becomes yellow mud salted eggs.

This method is widely used, the method is simple and easy to operate.

2. Salt altar water immersion method

1. Preparation tool: a large kimchi jar

2. Prepare materials: 10-30 duck eggs, a bag of edible salt, a little pepper, a little spice (there are two yuan a bag in the vegetable market), a little white wine.

3. Wash the duck eggs. First wash the duck eggs with clean water, and put the washed duck eggs aside to dry. Note that there must be no water on the eggshells. If it is not too dry, you can use a dry handkerchief to dry the duck eggs one by one, and then put the duck eggs aside for later use.

4. Boil water. Just submerge the duck eggs in the amount of water. After the water is boiled, put salt into the boiling water according to the method of 10 duck eggs and 2 taels of salt. For 30 duck eggs in my house, put 6 taels of salt to fully dissolve the salt in the boiling water. Put the boiling water aside to cool into cold boiled water.

5. Install the altar. Gently put the cooled duck eggs into the jar one by one, sprinkle spices and pepper into the jar, pour the cold boiled water prepared in advance into the jar, take a little white wine, and rub a little on the edge of the jar with your hands. Take a plastic film (plastic bag or plastic wrap) to cover the mouth of the altar, and then use a rubber band to tie the mouth of the altar. This is to prevent the air from entering the altar and causing the water to deteriorate. Put the outer cover of the altar Cover and wait a month before eating.

Three, plant ash pickling method

Reed ash, charcoal ash or straw ash can be used for plant ash, and its pickling method is similar to the principle of yellow mud pickling method, except that yellow mud is replaced by plant ash. Because plant ash lacks the viscosity of yellow mud, it is necessary to mix plant ash and loess into sticky mud. The ratio is: plant ash accounts for 60% to 70%, loess accounts for 30% to 40%, and the lime soil is mixed into one piece. After mixing, it must be sticky and stick to it. Mix 1 liter of salt for every 3 liters of soil ash, and use wine and mud to mold eggs. The big head is up and the small head is down, densely arranged in the altar. It can be eaten for more than ten days or half a month. Be careful not to use water and mud. Once water is used, the protein will become hard and unpalatable.

4. Direct salt coating method

This kind of salted egg is the simplest method, and there is no need to soak it at all. The method is: prepare a bowl of white wine and a bowl of salt, put the eggs (duck eggs) in the white wine first, then put them in the salt, put them in your pocket, put all the eggs in the pocket and seal them. Well, it can be eaten after about a week, convenient!



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