Spring Festival hospitality, 5 hard dishes prepared in advance, visitors can cut them casually, and the table is a big dish!

Mo Chou Kitchen Road has no self, who does not know Aunt Xiao Miao. Hello everyone, I’m Aunt Xiao Miao. Today, Aunt Xiaomian will share with you the practice of 5 dishes. The Spring Festival in 2023 is coming, every household is busy during the New Year, relatives and friends visit the door, or friends have a meal together, you must prepare several dishes in advance, and when it comes to eating, you don’t have to hurry, as long as you simply cut everything, put on the shape and can be directly served, saving time and trouble. In order to let all friends eat delicious food, and so that all friends will not be busy during the Spring Festival.

Therefore, Aunt Xiaomian will introduce you to five hard dishes suitable for the Spring Festival today. These five hard dishes are not only good to eat, but also can win more face for the host during the Spring Festival. With these five dishes, families do not have to worry about receiving relatives and friends, once relatives and friends visit, they can take out two dishes to let them eat well. Spring Festival hospitality, 5 hard dishes prepared in advance, visitors can cut them casually, and the table is a big dish! Today, the little chef will share 5 dishes with you, prepare them in advance, eat and take them when you eat, and have a lot of face on the table. Now I share the method of these 5 dishes with everyone, and friends who like it can follow the recipe to make it for their families, and give their loved ones a love!

【5 Dishes】

【Egg roll】

Ingredients: 1 small broccoli, 150g, 2 eggs, 1 spoonful salt, 2 spoonful light soy sauce, 1 spoonful cooking wine, a small amount of minced green onion and ginger, 1 spoonful of five-spice powder.


1. After the ingredients are prepared, chop the purchased minced meat into a meat puree, add a little salt, 2 spoons of light soy sauce, 1 spoon of cooking wine, minced green onion and ginger, 1 spoonful of five-spice powder, stir well and marinate for 10 minutes.

2: Put the broccoli in a bowl and add a little salt, blanch it with boiling water for a few minutes, rinse well, chop into fine pieces, beat 2 eggs, add a little oil to the pan, and spread into 2 egg cakes in 2 times.

3. After the egg cake is cool, spread a layer of minced meat, sprinkle a layer of crushed broccoli, roll up, put it in the steamer, steam for 10 minutes.

4. After taking out, let cool slightly, cut into pieces and arrange on a plate. You can dip in the sauce, you can’t stop eating one bite at a time, you can also try.

【Pork skin jelly】

Ingredients: pork skin, green onion, ginger slices, edible alkali, white wine.


1. Prepare an appropriate amount of pig skin, pull out the stubble on the surface of the pig skin, the skin should be scraped several times with a knife, and then cleaned, put into the pot under cold water, and then add green onions, ginger slices, high liquor, after boiling on high heat, cook for about 5 minutes to turn off the heat, pig skin slightly rolled, and then fish out the pig skin, put it in a warm water basin, and then fully wash the foam, and then scrape a layer of white grease inside, be patient, if not treated clean, the skin jelly made will not be very transparent.

2. After all the scrapes are clean, cut the meat skin into long strips of uniform width and narrowness, and then cut into small thin strips and put them in the basin, sprinkle some edible alkali, add a little water, scratch and rub with your hands for 3 minutes, remove the excess fat on the meat skin, and then wash it with warm water several times, wash until the water of the pig skin becomes clear, so that the good skin jelly will be transparent. Put pork skin in the pressure cooker, add 3 times the amount of pork skin water, then add ginger slices, green onion segments, steam the pressure cooker and press for 20 minutes to turn off the heat, and then pick out the green onion and ginger.

3. Put pork skin in the pressure cooker, add 3 times the amount of water for pork skin, then add ginger slices, green onion segments, steam the pressure cooker and press for 20 minutes to turn off the heat. (If you use an ordinary pot to make skin jelly, it will take more than an hour to cook), the pot is a little sticky, the pork skin is easily clipped off, indicating that the pork skin has been cooked, and then pick out the green onion and ginger, I didn’t put salt, because when eating, it will be dipped in garlic sauce.

4. Pour the boiled soup into the prepared container to cool and set, boiled pork skin jelly, put it in the refrigerator overnight, it can solidify and form, the next day turn the container upside down, take out the skin jelly, cut into thick slices of uniform size, put it on a plate, and then adjust a garlic juice, add an appropriate amount of mashed garlic to the bowl, add light soy sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, salt, chili oil and stir well, add some chopped green onions and minced coriander inside to taste better.

【Soy sauce meat】

Ingredients: pork, white wine, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, fragrant leaves, cinnamon, peppercorns, star anise, rock sugar, galangal.

Method: 1, to make soy sauce meat to prepare fat and lean even pork to make, front and rear leg meat, plum blossom meat, pork belly can be, buy some fresh pork, cut into long strips with a knife, no need to clean, there are pig hair scraped with a knife, and then prick some small holes, convenient to taste, put it in the basin, pour some high-grade liquor, rub it by hand for a few minutes, clean and disinfect the pork belly, so that the pork is clean and not bad, and the taste is more fragrant,

2. Then prepare some spices of marinated meat, fragrant leaves, cinnamon, peppercorns, star anise, rock sugar, ginger, put all the prepared spices into the pot, pour in an appropriate amount of light soy sauce and old soy sauce, fully boil out the sauce aroma, you can turn off the heat, and then cool at room temperature, be sure to let the soy sauce cool thoroughly.

3. After the soy sauce is thoroughly cooled, pour the soy sauce juice into the meat, add some white wine, rub it with your hands, let the meat better absorb the seasoning, evenly wrap the juice, seal it with plastic wrap, take a steamer rack and a bowl of water to cooperate with the press, each piece of pork can be immersed in the juice, soaked for 3 days, during which you should pay attention to turning over, turning the noodles once a night, so that the marination is more flavorful.

4, soaked pork from the soy sauce juice to take out, in the corner of the pork to tie a small hole, wear a rope, hang, until the surface is dry, try to dry the meat, in winter can be directly dried, can also hang in a ventilated shade to dry slowly, soy sauce meat looks dry and dry, soy sauce meat is done, after drying can be better preserved, packed in a fresh-keeping bag, put in the refrigerator for freeze preservation, only need to be simply steamed and sliced can be eaten,

【Grilled Chicken】

Ingredients: Three yellow chicken, ginger slices, green onion, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, Orleans marinade.

Method: 1, we prepare a three yellow chicken, three yellow chicken can be put into the rice cooker, cooked relatively fast, the residual feathers and internal organs are cleaned up, to drain the water, the three yellow chicken paws nails and chicken butt chicken head should be cut off, wipe the water with kitchen paper, use a toothpick to pierce some small holes in the whole body of the chicken, each part must be pierced, more rapid taste.

2. Pour an appropriate amount of light soy sauce, old soy sauce, oyster sauce and salt in a large basin, stir evenly, put in the processed chicken, apply evenly by hand, and then sprinkle some Orleans barbecue marinade, spread evenly, apply inside and out, rub more for a while, the taste will be better.

3. Wrap in plastic wrap and marinate for more than 2 hours, if you have time, it is best to refrigerate it in the refrigerator overnight, so that the skin of the chicken will be golden and beautiful.

4. Prepare half a green onion cut into segments, cut a piece of ginger into slices, and place it at the bottom of the inner tank of the rice cooker, which can not only increase the flavor, but also prevent the bottom of the chicken paste pot, put the marinated chicken in it, and at the same time pour the marinade into the chicken, cover the rice cooker, turn on the electricity, start the “cooking” function, you can bake the chicken at one time, the electric cooker automatically jumps to stop, open the lid, the aroma comes to the nose, insert chopsticks into the thickest part of the meat, see if the chicken is cooked, not cooked need to continue to start the program, until the chicken is cooked through.

【Cold Elbow】

Ingredients: Pork knuckle, ginger, green onion, star anise, cinnamon, fragrant leaves, salt, cooking wine, light soy sauce.

Method: 1. Burn the skin and residual pig hair of the purchased elbow, and then scrape and clean it, use a knife to debone the pork elbow, the bones do not need to be thrown away, used to stew bone soup to drink, elbow meat into a cold water pot, blanch water to remove fishy, add a few pieces of ginger slices, some green onions, and then sprinkle some cooking wine into it to go fishy, first boil over high heat, skim off the surface foam with a spoon, and then turn the pork elbow over, so that the parts that have not been boiled are boiled for a while.

2. After blanching the pork elbow, take it out, rinse it with water several times to wash it, prepare a deeper boiling pot, put the pork knum into the pot, and then pour water over the pork knuckle, add 2 green onions, an appropriate amount of ginger slices, a few fragrant leaves, 1 section of cinnamon, 2 star anise, a little cooking wine, a little salt and light soy sauce, cover the pot, turn the heat to a boil, turn to medium low heat for 2-3 hours after boiling, be sure to turn over the noodles several times, time to use chopsticks to prick the thickest part of the meat, you can easily pierce the heat can turn off the heat.

3. Cool the pork elbow slightly for a while without burning your hands, spread a piece of freshness on the board, put a piece of gauze to moisten it, put the elbow meat skin down, and then roll the pork elbow into a roll with your hands, and then fix and tie it tightly with a rope.

4. Put the elbow tied on a flat-bottomed container, put a wooden board on it, and then put a large stone on it, press for 5 hours or overnight, it will make the pork elbow meat pressed exceptionally firmly, and can also squeeze out excess fat, put it in the refrigerator for a few hours and then disassemble the gauze, a piece of formed meat is good, cut into thin slices with a knife, dipped in the seasoned sauce, not to mention how fragrant, really delicious.

Mo Chou Kitchen Road has no self, who does not know Aunt Xiao Miao. Hello everyone! I’m Aunt Xiao Miao. Unconsciously, I have been with everyone for five years on the road of cooking! After getting along, share the knowledge of food life together and experience the happiness of food life together! Thank you! Well, dear friends, today’s article is shared with you here, if you have any different views on this article, welcome to publish your views in the comments at the bottom of the article, we will carefully read each of your messages

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