Summary of Vietnamese dishes that are most liked by tourists

1. Quang Noodles (My Quang)

With only easy-to-find ingredients such as: noodles, peanuts, pork and unique broth, Quang noodle dish was born and is the pride of Quang Nam province. This dish is served from sidewalk stalls to luxury restaurants, winning the hearts of many diners.

2. Pho

Pho is considered the quintessential Vietnamese dish. In our country, millions of bowls of pho are served every day and become a favorite dish of people at home and abroad. In September 2007, this dish of Vietnamese people was officially included in the Oxford simplified English dictionary with the dear name “Pho”.

3. Spring rolls (Goi Quon)

Goi cuon is the perfect choice for a snack in Vietnam, with main ingredients such as: shrimp, vermicelli, pork, green vegetables. It will be a little difficult for visitors to try this dish because they are not familiar with the toughness of the rice paper outside. But when combined with delicious peanut sauce, the rice paper will be soft, easy to bite and the taste becomes much more perfect. Especially, with the price of only 5000-10,000 VND for 1 roll, everyone can enjoy this dish.

4. Beef with wine sauce

This is one of many people’s favorite breakfast or lunch dishes. Beef is cooked on low heat, seasoned with fish sauce, sugar, coconut water, cooked with onions, carrots and coriander to create an unforgettable impression. The popular way to eat this dish is to shred the bread and dip it in the dish’s rich sauce.

5. Bun Cha

Bun Cha is a famous dish of Hanoi capital. The main ingredients are vermicelli, grilled pork rolls, mixed fish sauce and herbs. Because of this simplicity, not fussy, the dish is especially delicious and loved by many foreign tourists.

6. Fried spring rolls/ Spring rolls (Nem ran/ Cha Gio)

Also made from rice paper, wrapped inside is minced pork, vegetables and eggs, after frying to golden brown, it will create an extremely quality product. Fried spring rolls, also known as spring rolls, are extremely famous in Vietnam and are sold in many restaurants around the world.

7. Broken rice(Com Tam)

Cooked from broken rice grains, broken rice becomes a dish worth trying when visitors visit Saigon. This is a dish chosen by millions of people because it is full of nutrients with meat and green vegetables.

8. Hue beef noodle soup (Bun bo Hue)

Among the many delicious dishes in Hue, beef noodle soup has become a favorite dish of many diners. There are 4 flavors of vermicelli, sour, spicy, salty and sweet. The broth of vermicelli is simmered with beef bones, lemongrass and fish sauce seasoned with a traditional recipe. Chili is added to the noodles a lot to create a spicy taste because Hue people eat spicy very well.

9. Bread (Banh My)

This street food has appeared a lot on the world food map, making it impossible for any visitor to Vietnam to miss. Millions of loaves of bread are baked every day and are eaten mainly by people for breakfast. This dish is both cheap and delicious, making it a great start to the day.

 10. Braised fish

It’s great when the beautifully nursed goldfish are stocked in a simple earthen pot. With the recipe of marinating meat and braizing over a lot of fire, this dish with white rice is served in many restaurants, surprising visitors because of the way it is processed to create the softness and sweetness of the fish.

11. Pancakes (Banh Xeo)

Many visitors mistakenly believe that the outer shell of banh xeo is made of eggs. In fact, it is made from rice flour and turmeric. Along with the meat shrimp paste, add salad and vegetables to eat with, dip into a bowl of sweet and sour fish sauce and enjoy, the “exploding” delicious feeling will take place right in your mouth.



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