This kind of salted egg yolk bibimbap is the most delicious, I often make it at home, simple home cooking

Salted egg yolk is really all the rage right now. There are salted egg yolk bread, salted egg yolk green skin, and salted egg yolk ice cream. But now that salted egg yolk ice cream is in a food safety crisis, it is really scary for consumers to see such news.

But this does not affect my love for salted egg yolk products. When I was young, I ate salted egg yolks, mainly to mix with porridge.

At noon in midsummer, take a bowl of porridge, crack open a salted duck egg, peel off the white with chopsticks, insert it into the salted egg yolk, and the yellow oil will come out.

This is a good childhood memory.

Braised tofu with salted egg yolk. Not sure if you have tried it. This was one of my favorite dishes as a kid.

The greasy salted egg yolk is stewed with soft and tender lactone tofu, which is more delicious than meat. Cover the rice with a spoonful of salted egg yolk tofu just out of the pan, blow a few puffs, and put it in your mouth. It’s so delicious.

[Materials] 2 salted egg yolks, 1 piece of lactone tofu, 1 spoon of light soy sauce, salt (according to personal taste), appropriate amount of peanut oil, 1 spoon of cornstarch, 3 spoons of water

[Method] Put peanut oil in the pot, then put raw salted egg yolk, fry the egg yolk while crushing the egg yolk until the oil foam bursts.

Add cornstarch into water and stir evenly to make starch water for later use.

Add the diced lactone tofu, stir gently a few times, then add half a bowl of water, cover the pot, and simmer over low heat.

After boiling, pour in starch water and stir fry evenly, add light soy sauce and salt to taste.

A simple braised tofu with salted egg yolk is complete. It tastes best with rice. If you can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry, you must let it cool before eating.



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