Truffle mushrooms – the black diamond of the culinary world

Each person can perceive the taste of black truffle in a different way, from musk, to chocolate and even the smell of a loved one.

Truffles are hailed as black diamonds in the culinary world because just a few splinters are enough to stimulate flavor and give dishes a luxurious touch. The reason truffles are expensive is that they are seasonal, require special climatic conditions to grow, and are difficult to store. 500 gr of truffle mushrooms costs up to nearly 60 million VND.

Truffles are often classified by color and season. The most common truffles are the black ones, which grow in abundance in Italy, France and Spain.

Each diner can perceive black truffle in a different way. Some say they are rich in umami sweetness , others say they smell of earth, musk, oak and nuts. Many words have been used by people to describe the taste and smell of truffles: mold, garlic, earth, onions… even the body odor of a loved one.

Bonnie Shuman, a chef in Philadelphia, USA, thinks that the buttery richness of black truffle is suitable to eat with beef, lamb, deer, rabbit or duck… as well as greasy risotto rice with grilled vegetables, due to this mushroom. rich in umami sweetness. Lamb is inherently a picky eater because it has a stronger and fouler taste than beef, but black truffles eliminate these flavors.

When serving steak, add a splash of pureed truffle sauce. When two foods such as beef, lamb, and truffle are all rich in umami, combined, the flavor is 8 times stronger than when eaten alone.

The taste of black truffle is also compared to the scent of chocolate. Interestingly, the famous “chocolate truffle” cake doesn’t have truffle ingredients, but got its name because they were originally made raw and colored like truffles.

Truffle mousse created by Chef Chung, the first Vietnamese to be honored as Hotel Chef of the Year at Asia Hotelier Awards 2017. Photo: Platform

In Hanoi, if you want to experience eating truffles, you can enjoy dinners organized by the Truffle Club. On April 8, at Sheraton Hanoi Hotel, diners enjoyed black truffles from Italy under the theme of “food, music and cinema”. The meal costs 140 USD , including salmon, lamb chops and mushroom soup all with truffle served.

While dining, diners listen to classic movie soundtracks performed by famous chamber artists. It is expected that dinners with truffles and various serving themes will continue to be available on May 27, September 23 and November 26.

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