Vieng Nam Dinh market

Nam Dinh Vieng Market is the first market of the year, meeting on the night of the 7th and 8th in Nam Dinh. According to the old concept, Vieng market has the meaning of “buying and selling luck”. A lot of visitors from all over have flocked to Vieng market on the market because the market only meets once a year. So, because at the Vieng Nam Dinh market, it attracts so many visitors from all over the world? How is Nam Dinh Vieng Market different from other markets? The article 10 things you did not know about Vieng Nam Dinh market will help you answer these questions.

Usually , Nam Dinh Vieng market will take place on the 7th and 8th of January. On the days of the market, tourists from all over the world return to Nam Dinh to travel to Vieng market. 

Currently, in Nam Dinh, there are 4 Vieng market sessions: Vieng Market, Phu Giay – Vu Ban; Vieng Nam Giang – Nam Truc market; Vieng Nghia Thinh market in Nghia Hung; Vieng My Trung market – My Loc. Among the four most famous markets in Nam Dinh, Vieng market – Vu Ban and Vieng market in Nam Truc.

Origin of Vieng Nam Dinh market

Every year, every night of the 7th and 8th of the first lunar month, Cho Vieng is held in Nam Giang town, Nam Truc district, Vu Ban district and Nam Dinh province.

Legend has it that, when two generals marched to Nam Giang, the horses of the two generals had broken hooves and had to stop. People in Van Trang village are famous for their traditional blacksmithing, so they asked people here to re-forge horseshoes and carry weapons. While waiting, the two generals ordered the soldiers to form a swarm to announce victory.

When they heard the news of the victory, people in neighboring communes and villages brought buffaloes and cows to slaughter in Van Trang village to celebrate… From that event, the people of Nam Truc district took the night of the 7th and the morning of the 8th of January. held an early spring meeting to commemorate the two generals. At the same time, the fair is also an opportunity for people to exchange experiences in breeding, farming and buying and selling products of traditional craft villages.

From the same tradition, the word “Vieng” in the word market means “come”, “come”, gather, gather people everywhere to join in the fun.

What does Nam Dinh Vieng Market have?

The main purpose of going to Vieng Nam Dinh market is to pray for good fortune and prosperity. Just attending Vieng market is considered lucky and peaceful throughout the year.

It is a market, but here people do not buy and sell necessities for life such as rice, meat, clothes, shoes, etc. or not even luxury goods.

The products at the market are of the nature of serving smallholder production or are some varieties of plants and animals such as lemon trees, sacrificial sets, bronze incense burners, etc.

Although the market takes place only in one day, the goods are thousands of thousands, and the gift shops are scattered for three kilometers. In Vieng market, there are also famous and typical products of each region, such as Thieu Vinh, Bo, Van Tap and Bong Lang net hooves.

Besides the traditional products, the market also sells wood seedlings such as eucalyptus, casuarina, mother of pearl, fruit trees such as lychee, Hung Yen longan and Thien Phien apple.

The market is also a place to introduce craft villages and skills in the surrounding areas. Many young men and women visit Vieng market, praying for the happiness of the couple.

Vieng market in early spring is cheerful and bustling with the sound of gongs mixed with the sound of tray mounds, pot mounds and blacksmith hammers, along with the sound of thousands of spectators, creating a noisy, very typical sound of Vieng market. spring.

What to buy at Vieng market?

At Vieng Nam Dinh market, they mainly sell agricultural tools and agricultural products such as baskets, bamboo poles, light burdens, sickles, shovels, etc. Many people think that when buying these items at the market, it only takes place once. in the year will help them have a bountiful harvest, full all year round.

For ornamental plants, people buy plants at Vieng market with the meaning of getting lucky at the beginning of the year. For meats such as buffalo and cow, according to researcher Ho Duc Tho, beef is an offering to the model Lieu Hanh, if buying beef at Vieng market, buyers also feel like asking for Mother’s fortune.

Note when coming to Vieng Nam Dinh market

With the meaning of bringing good luck at the beginning of the year, visitors to Vieng market do not need to bargain. Because people believe that the fact that the seller does not challenge, the buyer does not bargain will bring luck and convenience to both the seller – the buyer has more faith in the good luck at the beginning of the year. 

Because the market only takes place once a year, many tourists from all over the world come to visit the market. Therefore, the care of personal belongings must be very careful.

Parking status, booking accommodation to visit the market at midnight here are also limited. Visitors should proactively arrange early to limit the situation of dizzying parking ticket prices as well as the lack of available rooms to rest.



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