VietNam – Hanoi pilots hard lane separation of cars and motorcycles on Nguyen Trai street from 6/8

Hanoi Department of Transport assigned the Board to maintain traffic infrastructure works, organize the completion of the traffic organization infrastructure system (adding signs, guided paint lines, hard dividers, bumps …) according to the agreed plan and completed before August 6.

In addition, the Hanoi Department of Transport assigned the Transport Inspectorate to arrange forces to coordinate with the CSGT, the police of Thanh Xuan district and the local ward authorities to organize and guide vehicles participating in traffic during the pilot traffic organization.

Functional units need to strengthen inspection and handle cases of violations of traffic safety order and urban order on traffic organization routes, monitor the process of traffic organization to carefully assess the shortcomings and inadequacies of the pilot plan and propose adjustments accordingly.

The Hanoi Department of Transport also assigned the Public Transport Management Center to notify the bus operators to propagate and thoroughly observe all officials, employees and employees, especially the bus driver team to strictly abide by the pilot plan of traffic organization of the city, strictly comply with regulations when participating in traffic.

The Hanoi Department of Transport assigned the Traffic Infrastructure Management Department to coordinate with the Traffic Police Department (Hanoi Police) and related parties to monitor and evaluate the current state of traffic infrastructure before, during and after the pilot adjustment of traffic organization on Nguyen Trai street and neighboring routes to promptly report, adjust accordingly to ensure stable traffic, limit traffic jams; advise the department’s leaders to consider and report to the City People’s Committee according to regulations.



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