VietNam – Showbiz – A series of tiny waist dresses of Doan Van Hau’s girlfriend

Doan Hai My – doan Van Hau’s girlfriend – has a triple measurement of 78-55-89 cm standard hourglass. When she competed in Miss Vietnam 2020, she attracted attention when she was the contestant with the smallest waist in the pageant.

Thanks to the S-line body, the beauty born in 2001 conquers the cocooning bodycon outfit.

The beauty’s wardrobe is filled with body-hugging elastic dresses, helping her to enhance her ‘fat-free’ figure.

Doan Hai My also often chooses dresses with a waist extract, or accentuates the second round with a belt.

The attractive body helps the beauty not to wear too open, still create a sexy look in moderation, attracting the eye.

Doan Van Hau’s girlfriend showed off her waist with just one hand with a skirt with a thin belt.

Doan Hai My said she has a waist of 55 cm largely due to her “fat-free eating” body. The beauty is lucky to inherit a neat physique from her parents, so she does not need to diet and still maintains her body.

Until now, the beauty has never intended to lose weight, but is satisfied with a weight of about 48 kg, a height of 1.67 m.

The 10X beauty prefers a gentle style, suitable for sweet and ladylike beauty.

When the design tightened the second round, Doan Hai My was praised for having a ‘surreal’ waist.



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